I think of past times as I walk through the rain

The stars up above seem so bright

Oh how I long for the death of my pain

Just as I longed for what brought me this plight

Comparing the soft rush with the rush in my joints

Thunder bolts


Will I forever be denied

The joy that I can’t seem to identify?

Oh why? Was the future just implied?

Just a story meant to pacify?

I’m dissolving from within, feel like giving in, falling into sin


I stand nearby looking over the bridge

The water below seems so calm

Oh how I long for the peace that it brings

Just as I longed for what caused me such harm

Comparing the soft flow with the flow in my veins

Tidal waves


Oh will I forever be denied

The love that I can’t seem to identify?

Oh why? Was the future just implied?

Just a story meant to pacify?

I’m dissolving from within, feel like giving in, falling into sin


I say my goodbyes as I retrace my steps

The people around seem so sad

All I see now are tears and regrets

I’d blinded myself, I now understand

Comparing the soft breeze with the breeze in my grave



It seems that I forever am denied

The peace that I can’t seem to identify

Oh why? Was the future just implied?

Just a story meant to pacify?

I’ve dissolved from deep within, seems I’ve given in, fallen into sin


I now walk with the rest of my kind

Each of us alone, yet all unified

All threw away what we’d each been given

Each of us in turn fell from Heaven

Comparing the one voice with the voice in my head;

"You are dead"


Copyright © SabreLi


  • Author: SabreLi (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 19th, 2016 07:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is a very old one, written about somebody who turns to substance abuse as an escape because they cannot find peace in their life.
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 50
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  • WriteBeLight

    Excellent job expressing the yearning this person has for peace of mind.

    • SabreLi

      Thank you WBL! As usual I value your comments, I'm glad that the emotion came through since it's such a bitter topic xx

      • WriteBeLight

        You are welcome.

      • Vic E

        Powerful poem. The repeating stanza enhances the message beautifully

        • SabreLi

          Thanks Vic 😀 I have alot of repetition in much of my work for that reason (and that I think sometimes it makes them flow better as lyrics) so I'm happy you liked it! xx

        • P.H.Rose

          Love it....
          Bloody well done

          • SabreLi

            Thanks for the compliment and words of encouragement, Norman! 🙂 xx

            • P.H.Rose

              Fully earned
              And justified

            • LIGHT WARRIOR

              Awesome work , as usual , Sabre Lei. I am going to start putting out some if older ones soon as well..anyway, can't wait for your next one..you gave made me a fan..lol..xxx 🙂

              • SabreLi

                Thanks yet again Pharaoh! Im really looking forward to reading some more of your stuff, I'm kind of working the back catalogue here with alot of people's work. With yours I love the expression in it, and how it evokes such emotion in the reader 😀 xx

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks for sharing such a beautiful SONG (it is more than a POEM) ~ Loved the refrain ~ I found myself singing it. In the SONG you have encapsulated the state of mind that drives beautiful people to despair ~ drugs ~ death. I have workd with "damaged" Young people (16 - 25) in the YMCA and now work with the same age group in a College. In the end DRUGS kill and Young People need to be warned and supported ! Very graphic visual ~ Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Hugs ~ BRIAN

                • SabreLi

                  Thanks so much Brian! I am aiming more for lyrics with alot of my work now and it's interesting to learn about how it differs from 'normal' poetry in so many ways. Although I do like freestyle, I think I personally need some kind of structure to keep me on track! I too work with 'damaged' people (and I include myself in that in some ways :P) so have no shortage of inspiration xx

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks SABRE ~ If you examine LYRICS the key factor is METER ~ more important than RHYME. To have the same tune for each verse then the METER PATTERN (number of syllables in each line) in each verse must be the SAME ! Look at the standard CHRISTMAS CAROLS like AWAY IN A MANGER etc and you will see what I mean ! If you use rhyme the RHYME PATTERN in each verse should also be the same ! Best Wishes ~ Hugs ~ BRIAN

                  • Augustus

                    Depicts the suffering of an addict very well. Nice rhyme.

                    • SabreLi

                      Thank you, A, I appreciate it! Glad you like it, thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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