Aa Harvey

A poet's tree

A poet’s tree.



The tree at the end of the garden, stands tall and proud.

It will forever rise up towards the sunlight, but it will never look down.

It has been here many years now

And it has seen many things come and go;

But its roots are buried deep, down in the Earth below.



It was there when I first arrived here

And it will be here long after I am not.

The tree in the garden lives long in the memory

And it has claimed its plot.



All the plants in the garden are kept cool beneath its shade

And when they need to feel the sunshine,

Time make the shadows move away.

All other things are dwarfed beneath its branches;

They are covered in thousands of leaves.

It stands alone, it has no equal;

It has no envy for any other tree.



It if the finest tree of them all;

The tree at the end of the garden stands proudly

And it will forever stand tall.



(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.



  • OxfordSkills

    Trees live for thousands of years... A poet's tree continues to grow, expand, create, protect -as long as we have life and memory.
    Thank you for the metaphor. :-)

    • Aa Harvey

      Thank you for reading my poet-tree.

      • OxfordSkills

        You're most welcome Aa Harvey!

      • Augustus

        I often think about trees that have been around since the time of Christ. We have such a brief time on earth. Nicely done.

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