It always snows in Stockholm at CHRISTMAS
That is where I would love to go
Riding through the fields on an Open Sleigh
Wishing and Swishing through the snow !
Stockholm isn't far from LAPLAND
That's where Father Christmas lives
I'll visit his house ~ knock on his door
To see what presents he gives !
Whenever I visit Sweden
Everyone smiles and says hello
Everyone's nice ~ even the mice
At Christmas the best place to go !
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Christmas Eve to me, is when Christmas fun begins!
AT HOME, with kids around, friends too they wish to bring.
Then get up and make the coffee, slowly all get out of bed.
To the tree to open presents, love and laughter fills the day ahead!

Christmas is really near
the last event of the year
children are waiting for this
to unwrapped their Xmas gifts
But me, I simply watch the street
waiting for the homeless kids
make them smile with my simple presents
Giving, that's the Xmas essence

I'd love to spend a Christmas falling
Into silver moonlit mistletoe and holly
Into you arms, as gilded garlands sorry
I could do no other thing that dream
I'd love to spend a Christmas free and
whispering, you'll see-
A letter from a lover's tome
I'd like to spend a Christmas glad and
Free to hold but saddened not to kiss
Your hands of gold and gladness with
My hands emboldened in their Christ-
Mas spirit silver as the snow, and pure
I'd like to spend a Christmas falling
In love, with you

in a little village sitting on a hill
where the snow is gently falling
and the silent night is still
a guiding star is shinning
from the darkness to the dawn
in a little village where the savior
babe was born

Id love to spend Christmas out on the cape,
I long to go back to where my bloodline is safe.
To spend the holidays with the ones i love,
I know again ill come undone.
Ill hope and pray, to go away,
Back home to where my heart has stayed.
But wishing for it will not make it true,
So ill dream of seeing the journey through.
Where i want to be this Christmas is home,
Staring out over my oceanic throne.
Fingers crossed its all i say,
I hope this Christmas ill go away.
Back home to my love.

My home, my wife, my kids my pets.
The food, the drink, the tree, the decs.
Joy and laughter around the home.
Seasons greetings on the phone.
The heating on, the cold is out.
Merry Christmas to all,
To all we will shout!!

Why couldn't GOD choose another day
In August ~ September or June
When the weather's warm and the bees do swarm
And there is Harvest Moon
In the Northern Hemisphere
The weather is always freeezing
Cars won't go ~ roads blocked with snow
And everybody's sneezing
In Australia in December
It's always hot and steamin'
They're eating pizza on the beach
Deep and crisp and even !
So I'll go to ACAPULCO
Have my first CHRISTMAS on the Beach
Cold TURKEY salsd ~ sing a CHTIMAS Balad
Eat CHRISMAS PUDDING straight from the FRIDGE
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Christmas is the happiest term of the year,
Where everyone can enjoy the hot food and get along,
Some are fortunate for having the thing they have,
Beautiful trees are up, if lucky the snow falls down,
Children sleep early just to make it in Santa's list,
Christmas is a beautiful day that everyone should be blessed to have.

The answers I am getting
Some seem the same to me
It doesn't matter where you are
Or if you have Big Bright Tree
It's all about the people
The ones you really love
Your Family ~ the old and young
Sent to you by GOD above
Dont worry if its hot or cold
Dont worry if you're Young or Old
Gather round the Christmas Table
Carve the Turkey if you're able
Give a thought for the dissipated
Who at CHRISTMAS are separated
So near or far wherever you are
Enjoy your CHRISTMAS ~ Raise a JAR !
Thanks for adding a POEM ~ Love BRIAN XOX

My Deam place for
Christmas is exactly
Where I have it and
With the people I
Love the most in
This world...
My kids and grandkids
At my house on Christmas
Morning, grandad makes
Breakfast and gets dressed
Up as santa to give out
The presents.... perfect!!!!!!

I don't care where we go
I don't care what we do
It's a Merry Christmas
Whenever I'm with you

I have visited Bethlehem and the Holy Land
At Easter but never at CHRISTMAS which must
Be an awesome experience. When I was there
The Shepherds in the fields with their sheep
Looked exactly like they did in Bible times !
So to see them tending their sheep in December
And imagining what it must have been like for
Them to see the Heavenly Host praising GOD
Then to go into the stable and met Mary & Joseph
And to actually gaze on the face of JESUS
As he lay sleeping in a cattle hay trough ~
Must have been a very wonderful experience !
Thanks for visiting ~ Next year BETHLEHEM ~ BRIAN XOX

somewhere in the universe
somewhere that's a peaceful place
somewhere where love can cure
somewhere without hate and war
somewhere there is such a place
somewhere in the universe

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  • Comment from author about the poem: I have spent Christmas in MEXICO when it was 75 F (24 C) and we were sunbathing on the Beach at Vera Cruz. I have had a snowy Christmas in New Jersey USA and even in the North of England. However in Stockholm Sweden you are guaranteed SNOW and a SLEIGH RIDE ! Where would you like to be at Christmas ? Love to All ~ BRIAN XOX
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    MANY THANKS ~ To all who contributed ~ this was the fastest and bestest 15 Fusioned Stanzas ever ~ Love to all ~ BRIAN

  • Elegant_Style

    I'd love to spend Christmas in a bookstore, and I wish I could stay there all night. To read and read and to read forever in a cozy spot.


      Thanks ES I love books as well ~ they are much more satisfying than a TABLET ~ Hugs BRIAN

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      the best place to be on christmas is in Gods presence,all though dec the 25 th is not his birthday,but the day we celeberate

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        AMEN WORDMAN ~ JESUS promised to be with us ~ wherever and whenever we gather in His name ! HIS NAME give at his birth is EMMANUEL ~ G)OD IS WITH US ! Have a Blessed Christmas ~ BRIAN

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