BABIES & AMERICANS ON CYGNUS 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Science Faction

This is my final report from CYGNUS 3 and I have three great events to report

We have been on CYGNUS 3 just ovr a year and Maria Charlotte Uno Roberts

Has been born ten Months after our arrival and James Robert Dos McDonald

After eleven Months. These are the first children to be born on  CYGNUS 3 !


The third great event was the arrival of the AMERICAN Craft ~ SWAN EIGHT.

She arrived on January 2051 on schedule on TERRATWO 20 miles from TERRAONE.

The photo shows the Craft to be saucer shaped to reduce friction on entry.

All four Craft are the same design an would provide  the Living Quarters

For the four ASTRONAUTS who piloted the UK USA Russian & Chinese Crafts.

The four Colonies would be located at the four corners of a 20 mile Square.

Which would be complete by 2053 with the arrival of the CHINESE CRAFT.

Transport was by solar powered Space Buggies and the Planning Committee

Had agreed that 20 miles would allow both Independence and Cooperation !  


The Human Population on CYGNUS 3 would then Number 16 Senior Astronauts

Twenty Young couples and any children that had been born on CYGNUS 3 !  

It was anticipated that a EUROPEAN CRAFT would arrive in 2054 and an

AFRICAN CRAFT in 2055 with more in subsequent years. It was a slow process !

The aim was for the Human Population of CYGNUS 3 to reach 10,000 by 2100.

By then we would know if Human life was still sustainable on Planet Earth ! 


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love to all BRIAN CORTEZ XOXOXOX 


  • Tony36

    WOW simply WOW


      Thanks TONY ~ In SF we always try to get the WOW FACTOR ! BRIAN

      • Tony36


      • Christina8

        This is amazing! Loved the science faction and also your authors notes. Your authors notes are scary because they are fact! Cool to welcome new people to Cygnus 3 and adding more people and have it be able to sustain more human life. Hopefully you find out soon if life on earth is sustainable still. Very informative and just all around well done piece!!! Hugs in the spirit--Christina

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks CHRIS ~ pleased you appreciated it ! There are other thories which predict the Population will begin to decline and stop increasing exponentially ~ we shall see. However URBANISATION ~ remove trees and uses srable land for housing ans sea level rise also removes arable land. So we have more people an less land to feed thjem ~ a LOSE ~ LOSE situation. TRUMP sees it all as a Chinese con trick to destroy the US Economy ~ I hope Trump wakes up VERY SOON ! Yours ~ Hugs in the SPIRIT ~ BRIAN

        • Augustus

          Now if we could just breed the war gene out of the human. Well done.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Well "A" the bias towards EVIL is all related to the FALL of MAN ! In the BRAVE NEW WORLD on CYGNUS 3 ~ we will all cooperate and have the 10 Commandments as our Guide and hopefully we will all live peacefully together. Because all the settlers on CYGNUS 3 are Graduates we will have a GOOD GENE POOL and people who will be able to REASON TOGETHER but it will need a lot of Diplomacy for people from different ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS and CULTURES to work together to produce UTOPIA ! ~ Watch this space ~ Thanks for your comments BRIAN

          • OxfordSkills

            Wow! What a prediction in poetry! I too think we're living in the last days for humans. I must point out, that those crafts mentioned, remind me of those in "Star Trek" or "Star Wars." Do you think there is a need for the preservation of the human race? And could we rely on our government to ensure our safety? Let's hope so. Thanks for sharing such an informative piece of writing. Well done!

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thank you KATHY for a positive critique SF Poetry is not easy to write ~ but i am an Environmental Scientist and I like to be Scientifically accurate as well. The Laws of Science apply in outer space ~ so plant and animal Biology & Biochemistry would be similar to Earth on CYGNUS 3 ~ OK. Because of population increase we now live in a "Global Village" so we are all responsible and each individual CAN make a difference. God help America ~ Trump thinks GLOBAL WARMING is a MYTH per[etrated by the Chines to upset the American Economy. Teresa May has an Oxford Degree in Geography so she understands the Environment ~ she just needs to sort out BREXIT first ! One third of the World's population is undernourished and it can only get worse. It could result in great Civil unrest and Revolution as resources diminish due to urbanisation ~ sea level rise ~ global warming and population increase. The are less catastrophic models but the future looks more black than orange ! Thanks for your interest and thanks for being my MPS Friend ~ BRIAN

              • OxfordSkills

                Again, you're spot on!
                We are heading for some tough, traumatic times ahead.
                Only the strong will survive.

              • SabreLi

                This one never really ends, Brian, as it keeps us wondering about the future of the Cygnians! I hope there will be periodic updates from the future of humankind in 2017 :D xx

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks SABRE ~ Basically it is a long road ahead to reach a population of 10,000 by 2100 (Earth time) but by births ~and survival ~ and emigration form Earth ~ which is very expensive ~ but it is possible. It seems strange to most people but there have been plenty of Young People (mostly GRADUATES) who have volunteered to go to Mars and stay for a year or more. The big advantage of CYGNUS is that it is habitable and has an oxygen rich (15%) atmosphere with no toxic gasses ~ abundant fresh water and cultivatable soil ! It is Earth-like without an Alien Race who could have massacred us as soon as we landed ~ this is an optimum situation for a NEW EARTH. The only initial problem is the SIX YEAR one way journey and the billions of dollars just to get 14 humans per trip. I will update and will inform you when I do ~ Thanks for your interest ~ Hugs BRIAN XOX

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