She Does Not Fear Death

she does not need to keep

you informed, does she?

suddenly you are furious

that she does not even care

all she cares about is death

she does not care about life

she finds death irresistible

you take a step towards her

you are filled with anger

you keep your promise,

but she doesn’t keep hers

she studies me,

she looks at my clenched fist

she tilts her head,

her next words shock me,

“death, will take me,

I will leave this world,

you think I fear death?

no, I fear life,

I fear you,

let death take me,

for my time is up.”

her words,

take the air from my lungs,

how can she not fear death?

for I sure do

she gives me a scornful glance,

“death is my friend,

yet you do not know,

death will take me,

away from you,

I made it worthwhile,

well I was here,

but I have been destroyed,

from deep within,

the candles are destroyed,

the fires burnt out

I am not angry,

I am pleased,

that death would want someone like me,

I will leave this place,

I am filled with relief,

the anger and fury,

leave my body

I told you,

that I was leaving,

I know you’ll be crushed,

but like I said,

death is calling to me.”

I feel heavy,

I rub the drips (tears) out of my eyes

I lean back,

staring at her

I should be worried,

but I’m not

and now I know

a shudder runs through me

for I do not understand

how someone cannot fear death

is she really willing to risk it?

she checks my face

for any signs of relief

but all I can give her

is the scornful glance

she gave me

I feel suffocated

my lungs close up

I wince at the thought

of death taking her

she’s a fool

I think of the memories

is that why,

she’s been so distant

we both become silent

she’s long gone now

death has took her

and she’s never coming back





  • SilentLaugh

    I love your poem! SO awesome! I want to know if you want to read my new poem TIME TICKS.

    • berdnt_victoria

      Thank you so much! I will when I can!

      • SilentLaugh

        Okay! THanks.

      • Tony36

        Awesomely written

      • neharocks

        I just loved your poem. I have become your fan.

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