Can She Teach?

 Can She Teach?


She listens, she dares, she hopes,

She dreams, she fails, she mopes.

Writing, typing, thinking, drawing,

Outside Autumn leaves are falling,

She wonders, “can I cope?”


Blinding headaches, eyes blood-red,

Too many tears being shed.

Paperwork, books, lack of sleep,

More and more of counting sheep,

Why does she ignore her bed?


She wants to teach, but can she,

Master the heutagogy?

Critical thinking, better word power,

Knowledge locked in a faraway tower,

How could she lose the key?


Winter blues have made her sad,

Christmas songs should make her glad.

She sobs, “I have projects to complete,”

With tedious drafts to delete,

Is she driving herself mad?


Roll on, roll on, Spring and Summer!

For soon this will all be over.

Training, learning, weeping, living,

Giving, feeling, loving, forgiving,

Does she know she teaches with composure?


S. E. Fenney



  • Zwitterion

    this was nice.

    • OxfordSkills

      Aaawwh... Thank you Zwitterion.
      I appreciate that very much.


      Thanks for sharing SANDY ~ Another perfect poem ~ I have awarded you an A* from OFSTED ! STRUCTURE ~ Five balanced Quintains with excellent meter and a consistent rhyme pattern: aabba then ccddc etc. SUBJECT ~ In each verse you have highlighted a VIRTUE an effective Teacher must possess to survive ! V1. Ability to COPE V2. SLEEP is an essential V3. KNOWLEDGE is the key ! V4. A degree of SANITY is recommended V5. No Teacher worth their salt should ever DE-COMPOSE in front of their Pupils ~ The Head or An Ofsted Inspector ~ so now you know. If you can maintain this standard of "Classical Poetry" and follow your own advice ~ You should survive your Probationary Year ~ Best Wishes ~ BRIAN

      • OxfordSkills

        Dear Briansodes

        How kind of you to take the time to analyse my poem in such detail. I cannot express in words how much your feedback means to me. I appreciate the vast knowledge you demonstrate, and I just wanted to say thank you so very much... for your love of poetry, and your love of literature -and for your appreciation for those who courageously write.
        If I might add, yes, you are right.. I do believe I write in a classical way; perhaps somewhat like William Blake, but without the eloquent language. That said, I can but continue to practice. I also promise never to lose my composure in front of students. Methinks they can smell fear! :)

        Thank you once again for awarding me an A* and for thinking my poem is nothing short of 'perfect.' Wow!

        God bless.

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