blue traveler

This bundle of life we carry can be a very heavy load

With the good the bad and the ugly things we carry down the road


Everything we ever hoped for with all our hearts and minds

We struggle with the burden and it gets heavier all the time


The road is long and winding the pace is both fast and slow

It seems all too much to carry but too much to let go


We all make the journey onward and on our dying day

We all will get to find out just what our bundle’s weigh




  • WriteBeLight

    So true. Absolutely beautiful owl and it reflects the wise message you have written here😌

  • willyweed

    • willyweed

      Sorry Thank you for the graceful comment.ww


      hanks WILLY for a thoughtful Poem for CHRISTMAS EVE ! BUNDLES we all ned to get through and are part o the baggage of everyday life. But BURDENS we need to get rid of and lay them at the feet of JESUS because he cares for us 24/7 ! Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN

      • willyweed

        Thanks so much Brian enjoy the holy night! ww

      • lysistrata

        Missed YOU ALL...
        Καλά Χριστούγεννα
        Joyeux Noël, 🎄
        I'll Catch up next week...🎅

      • Christina8

        I found this poem to be fantastic! Sometimes we feel that our bundles are too much to bear but as the wise saying goes, cuz it's actually not in the bible but "God never gives you more than you can handle". At least I've never come across it. Wonderful message!

        • willyweed

          Thank you Chrissy for your joyful comments. and for the fav. ww

        • notapoet

          Awesome write WW, a pleasure to read.

          • willyweed

            hey notapoet, thank you for your comment ~ ho ho ho and all that! ww

          • Augustus

            The too much to let go is the hard part when you are Scrooge. Heh, heh. Nicely done.

            • willyweed

              Bha hum bug. or what ever! peace on earth! Happy birthday Jesus! ww

            • Quemis

              strait, to the point, true.

              Good bounce. The whole shebang.

              Very nice. I like it.

              • willyweed

                Thanks Psentinel! have a happy new year!

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