No child asks to be brought into this world,

Whether you were ready or not you should

Love that baby boy or girl.

if you get intimate without wearing protection

it’s more likely that you’d get pregnant

or maybe your parents are forcing you to have an abortion.

Before you do anything take the precautions of your actions.

Having an abortion is the most inconsiderate thing any woman could do

Don’t you think the child would like to experience life too?

Doesn’t getting rid of the child break you heart a little?

Because once the child is conceived It is automatically a part of you.

I just wonder, how; how do you live with doing something so wild?

How do you live knowing you’re about to take a life?

How do you sleep at night knowing you didn’t give someone the chance to open their eyes?

How do you breathe knowing that you didn’t give someone the chance to breathe?

It’s a messed-up thing to do can’t you see?

If you give birth to the child and kill it before it gets the chance to open its eyes,

Is just as messed up as killing the child whilst it’s in your belly.

You’re going to live your life with a lot of weight on your shoulder

You’re going to try forget about it, but you will be punished.

You’ll break down on your knee’s saying “god I surrender”

Think twice before you do something so ungrateful

Not everyone is blessed enough to be able to conceive

You should be happy that you were one of the lucky ones

You should always love and cherish your baby.

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  • Published: December 24th, 2016 14:10
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    Thanks for caring YO ~I agree with everything you say ! I am PROLIFE and as a Scintist I know that the moment after a Child is conceived it is a VIABLE HUMAN BEING and killing a "child" 9 months before they are born is just as much MURDER as killing it 9 months after. It isnot just an AMORPHOUS MASS OF CELLS ~ IT IS A VIABLE ~ AND VALUABLE ~ HUMAN BEING ! Men are too free with their WILLIES and often just walk away ! It is the LADIES who have to suffer the PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL pain of an abortion. I tell all my young students ~ think before intercourse and take precautions ! If they do get PREGNANT I encourage them to go to a PROLIFE GROUP who will take responsibility for the BABE once it is born ~ Thanks ~ HUGS BRIAN (UK)

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