Is something you would turn around
A New Year Resolution
To set your feet on Higher Ground
Perhaps to give up smoking
Or drinking to excess
Or using drugs ~ like other mugs
That make your life a mess !
Or just to be more sociable
And not a stuck up prude
Not get on other peoples nerves
And not to be so rude !
Some of those things are on my list
I'm not a hypocrite
I need to change ~ and be less strange
Or I'll end up in the............................. PIT !
So make some REVOLUTIONS
And keep them if you can
Or you'll end up like Mister Krupp
Or Fred Fernakerpan
And you wouldn't want that would you ??
Thanks for reading ~ please add your REVOLUTION ~ Love BRIAN XOX

I will strive to keep the ones I've made.
In past years, continue to save.
And, try to grow much thicker skin,
No hurt and sadness to penetrate within.
Continue to work to improve myself.
Never put kindness to others on the shelf.

In PAUL'S letter to the Philippians
in Chapter 4 and verse 8 ~ he says
Things you should think about are things:
Which are True ~ which are Honest
Which are Fair ~ which are Lovely
Which are Good ~ which are Virtuous
Which are Praiseworthy ~ Think and
Act on these things. This should be
Our RESOLUTION for 2 0 1 7 ~ AMEN
Thanks for visiting ~ Please add yours !

To forgive and forget
and give love more freely
smile more and frown less
allow myself to be me
Do more things with my family
love them with all my heart
treat each day like it were the last
and do it from the very start

To always be positive, no matter what people think or say;
For I want it to be me who lifts them on their darkest day.
To keep thinking, believing, dreaming
so the tears of joy from my heart are always streaming.
To love all, no matter who,
and to be more confident in all I do.

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), WriteBeLight, Christina, Hope
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  • Finished: January 10th, 2017 07:30
  • Limit: 15 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: We all MAKE them and we all BREAK them ! I call them REVOLUTIONS because they are negative things in my life that I want to REVOLVE into positive things ! Like PRIDE into HUMILITY ~ GREED into GENEROSITY and SADNESS into JOY etc etc. Hoiw woul you like to REVOLVE in 2017 ? Every Blessing to ALL in 2017 ~ Love & Hugs ~ BRIAN XOXOXOX
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