'Tween the Rows

Two more acres to plow today

But 'tween the rows she did lay.


She dreamed of stalks of high corn

Bushels of beans and peas–

All alone and far along–and

the sun off distant canon gleamed.


She gave birth in the field

and lay the infant 'tween the rows.

There he kicked and squealed

with dirt twixt his tiny toes


She buried the afterbirth

using only her callused hands.

She hurried, and worked

a shallow sanctuary in the land.


Cooing to her child,

clicking to the mule

she raised again the plow

and sweated on past the noon.


Two more acres to plow today.

'Tween the rows the baby lay.



Augustus / Folsom, LA / December 2016


  • Tony36

    True they are, great write

    • Augustus

      Thanks Tony . I believe you said you farmed, so I thought you would enjoy it.

      • Tony36

        Welcome, Yes I do farm

      • willyweed

        wow I really enjoyed this one.
        it's a hard knock life. I salute you! ww

        • Augustus

          Thanks, and at ease.

        • WriteBeLight

          I liked this very much, Augustus. Makes me even more grateful for the life I have today. Perfect picture to accompany the poem!

          • Augustus

            I had another photo that showed rough arms and hands on the plow but it was from a non-copiable site. I liked this one too.

            • WriteBeLight

              Worked perfectly well. Excellent feeling I got from this poem🙂

            • Michael Edwards

              Beautifully written - I was drawn in right from the start.

              • Augustus

                Thanks for reading and commenting

              • Christina8

                What an absolutely wonderfully written piece! I enjoy history and so I really enjoyed reading your poem. Great picture to go with it!

                • Augustus

                  Thanks Chrissy. I was worried the afterbirth was a little over the top.

                • P.H.Rose

                  Utterly brilliant
                  Love it....

                  • Augustus

                    Well I don't know bout brilliant but thanks for reading and commenting.

                    • P.H.Rose

                      I think it is, I could
                      Almost see the history
                      In it... the struggle in
                      Days gone by

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                    • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

                      Amazing..absolutely brilliant piece of writing!!!I really enjoyed reading

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