Put Off Procrastinating

Put off procrastination,

Let it go no further.

Stop getting muddled,

In useless Dogma.


Procrastination has all,

Of the time there is.

Your deadlines, commitments,

Cannot be missed.


Procrastination costs you,

There’s much regret.

It ruins your credit,

Left deep in debt.


No, don’t put off,

Replacing the toilet paper roll.

Or you’ll sit empty-handed.

When you need it most.


Procrastination’s no friend,

Of yours or mine.

Let it wait forever,

At the back of the line.


No, don’t put off,

Doing your laundry,

Have to join a nudist camp,

Won’t that be a quandary?


Procrastination doesn’t ever,

Lend you a hand.

Just leaves you stuck,

With your head in the sand.


Blinding yourself,

To all that’s productive.

Not having to deal,

That’s why so seductive?


Your life and work,

A continuous shamble.

Procrastination’s holding,

In its grip, a preamble.


To keep you backed up,

In arrears, its goal.

Break away from its grip,

Climb out of that hole.


Do not succumb.

You’ll know only sorrow.

Will put off today,

What you’ll put off tomorrow.


Procrastinating is an art,

Keeping up with yesterday.

Live here and now,

The clear and present day.


Is there anything worthwhile?

To procrastination, in fact?

Nope, just worthless behavior.

A monkey on your back.


Stop procrastinating,

Make it something you forgot.

There’s so much to gain,

Strike while the iron’s hot.


  • P.H.Rose

    WBL this is so
    Bloody good !!!!
    I absolutely love it
    Mate... made me

    • WriteBeLight

      I am so glad you liked the poem and got a chuckle out of it! Thanks so much!!

    • Tony36

      Do all you can today, for tomorrow may be to late. Great write

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks so much Tony! Good advice.

        • Tony36


        • willyweed

          well I was going to write a nice comment...umm I'll do it tomorrow! much enjoyed WBL smooth as butter.

          • WriteBeLight

            Ha Ha. I send you this reply and thanks tomorrow! So it will work out just fine...:)

            • willyweed

              tomorrow I be busy doing the things I should do today!

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            • Christina8

              Fabulous poem! And so very true! Procrastination is a nasty habit. Great job!! Nice rhymes too!

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks Christina! The problem with the procrastinators in my life is the task they kept putting off falls in my lap and then it becomes an emergency-rush, needed-it-yesterday deadline for me to mop up. So, I put a couple of things on my mind into the poem. I feel so much better...:) Thanks again!

              • Michael Edwards

                Just brill - this has encouraged me to write more light stuff.

                • WriteBeLight

                  Wonderful! I look forward to your words๐Ÿ˜€

                • myinnervoice

                  You can't tell me how to live poem!! lol Loved it. I'm the worst for putting even the smallest things off. I loved how you wrote this.

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Ha ha. We are all guilty! I love your comment!๐Ÿ˜Ž

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