Michael Edwards




A waning lantern lights the room,

his leathern face, his frosty hair.

With age supplanting active years

his sharp complexity of thought,

abraded now as inanition

takes its hold with empty dreams

in this his last domain.



Michael Edwards © October 2015


  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Kat. Yes in the photo he is wearing a smock and is feeding a lamb with a bottle - it's a lovely photo which was once the property of my great grandfather

  • WriteBeLight

    Poignant message that says to me the selfless old man remains dedicated in his care of his flock while thinking of things that were not to be realized. Beautiful colors in the artwork.

  • Tony36

    Awesome write

  • willyweed

    a vivid picture you paint
    with word and color.
    sweet! ww

  • Michael Edwards

    Thank you WriteBeLight, Tony and Willy for your kind comments.

  • Augustus

    Beautifully written saying so much in a compact package. Old photos and paintings can be inspirations for poems.

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