The Walls Up


I knew I had to tear it down,

Maybe not all at the same time

But one at a time


Before I can give myself a reason,

On why it should go down

I needed to know why it went up


Walls doesn’t just build up overnight,

But if you collect enough bricks

Soon you’ll have enough supplies


I never wanted to be that way

But you know what they say

You can’t always have it your way


So how did all started?

Well let’s just say FEAR happened

Few disappointments and few miss errors

Will make you walk down the stairs


You can’t walk forward

If you always looking backwards,

The Pyramid wasn’t built from the top to bottom

So I knew I could be knock down and still look upwards


But why I never made it to the top,

Or why did I stop,

Maybe I wanted to please everyone

Not realizing I can’t give my all to everybody

I couldn’t help myself so why did I try to help anybody


Every negative words thrown my way,

Became those bricks that I laid

The results of my earlier failures,

Became the strip footing of my walls

Waiting for someone to care or call,

It was just like, giving the walls time to dry


Few days came by and still felt so empty

That’s when I began building up my walls

Few days, few months,

And years came by

Finally I built up my walls

I became so little they became so tall


I hide behind those walls

Because I didn’t want my peers to see my fall

But that didn’t stop me from my own waterfall


I knew the walls became the bodyguards of life

But I didn’t felt the safety

Rather I felt so lonely and empty

I wanted my freedom again

But I knew those walls will prevent me



  • Author: Maichael (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 2nd, 2017 20:33
  • Comment from author about the poem: I used my own personal struggle, pain, and disappointment of life to draw a picture of why I put my walls up. The photo by CITYDESIGN.INFO
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • willyweed

    This very relatable and well done!
    get a demolition contractor and tear the walls down life must be engaged.

    • Maichael

      Thank you for taking your time and leaving your feed back!

      • willyweed

        your welcome anytime! write on ww

      • 3 more comments

      • ron parrish aka wordman

        sad write,but i guess we all feel like this at one time or another !

        • Maichael

          Yup we all go through it that's when I realized I have tear it down.

        • Deebs

          I get it for sure lots to relate to thanks for sharing sometimes we care to much and we end up taking the blunt of it.

          • Maichael

            Yup caring is beautiful but caring too much can get us hurt. Thanks for the feedback!

          • P.H.Rose

            Another good write..
            Well done....

            • Maichael

              Thank you so much! I means a lot.

            • Augustus

              I can relate to this but in a little different way. In my recovery from abuse I realized I was enmeshed in others emotions and problems, especially anger. I had no boundaries. Where did they stop and I began. I imagined walls of bricks to help. Their sh-t was on one side and mine on the other. Thanks, brought back back old memories.

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