Michael Edwards


                             IN UMBRIA   


Sienna burnt and umbrian brown,

the hills where cypress fingers point.

And settled proud upon their palms,

imposing pantiled structures stand.


With hues and compass proud reflect

embodiment of symmetry

in sweeping lands of sun-kissed soil,

the arbiters of their terrain.


A downward sweep in serial ranks

with clinging roots in calcerous clay

espaliered ranks of trebbiano

yield their purple progeny .


Below, the lakes of upturned faces,

flowers sun-track, gold reflecting

stand erect and proudly proffer

seed in cases ripening black.


And punctuating this domain

the gnarled and ancient olives grow,

with withered arms of grey supporting

fruits reflecting their fair land.



  • Augustus

    I hate our suburban sprawl here in the US. I see a beautiful valley with old farm houses, barns, and crops. A developer sees a shopping center. Let's hope Italy can preserve this beauty you captured in your painting and poem. ( did not know there was a purple variety)

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Augustus and yes you are right - it is a white variety of course and I've drunk enough of it in the past so I should know better - think I got carried away with trying to introduce a bit of alliteration. I'll put my thinking cap on.

  • Michael Edwards

    Pulpous? Any thoughts anyone?

  • willyweed

    wonderful prose Michael and art of course! the beauty of nature captured so well!

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks so much Willy

  • HChristian74

    You are a wordsmith my friend; and an inspiration to an aspiring writer.


    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks C - you are really kind - so much appreciated.

    • Suresh

      I found this one as well and read it several times. I took me to MY MOST FAVORITE SCENE IN THE MOVIE "AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER" where Cary Grant takes Deborah Kerr to visit his grandmother up the hilly pathway to her house - that whole scenery so awe inspiring.
      I could see myself sitting in the courtyard sipping wine and enjoying prosciutto, taking in the beauty of the late afternoon sun reflecting off the lake.

      Again too long, too sorry

      • Michael Edwards

        Been in absentia for a rew days and about to catch - thanks so much for commenting - I'll join with a glass - Italy is my favourite country and hope this does it justice.

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