Rag torn hobo

I'm a rag torn hobo at the back of the line
"Any spare Change please" time after time.
Veins sore,eyes drawn, temptation of crime, Oh lord Jesus kill me now or give me a sign . Worn out boots, my hair a mess, chewing gum, damn chewing gum! is a big disgrace .
The clock tower rings in central square
While I shiver by the steps with desperation on my face.
People are kind, people are mean, they give from the heart or they give to be seen. "Here's a quid mate to help you chase the dragon or to feed ya" oh and a quick selfie for social media. I came from a house full of joy and love, my mum and dad now look down from above. I had a job, I had friends, I had a life, but things changed in an instant when I split from my wife. Street life is brutal please don't judge me or walk by, it could happen to anybody please look me in the eye.
This is my life now, begging each day trying to claw myself back from the brink. All I ask is to give me a chance, an opportunity, a chat or simply stop, or glance or think.

God, are you out there? Do you exist? I want, no I need to change but do I persist? if this is my life now, if this is my best, then strike me down hard God and lay me to rest.


  • willyweed

    wicked good rhymes in this well done work. write on ww

  • SunSearcher


  • Tony36

    Great write enjoyed reading your words


    WELCOME TOM ~ Thanks fro your first poem ~ Great structure (Rhyme & Rhythm) but a sad sad subject. As we grow older we all experience the UPS & DOWNS of life ~ but it makes us stronger. I worked at the YMCA with disadvantaged Young People and (as your poem suggests) it is easy to slide down the socioeconomic ladder than it is to climb back up again. Thanks for sharing and Blessings for you ~ it made me think ! Please check my poems ~ Thanks BRIAN

  • Tom13


    Rag torn hobo is my first poem have written and published using poetry blogging site. I am new to this scene, however intend this to be my first of many. All comments or criticisms are welcome and appreciated. I will try to be diverse with my poetry however I try to base the majority my poems on real life events and situations. Some poetry maybe happy and funny and some very sad and hard hitting, but I try and extract memories, experiences and accounts of real people and or situations that I have witnessed during my personal and professional life. I feel that a few words can sometimes flood the mind with positive thoughts or simply make you think twice and I like the ideas of making people think twice about situations a fast paced modern world can swallow up. Thanks for reading.

  • WriteBeLight

    Sad subject, but well put. The person in the poem hits the nail on the head in that his situation could be the same in an instant for us all...:)

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