Broken Promises

broken promises,

are all that remain

all those promises you made,

went down the drain


I thought I could trust you

I thought I had a friend

but then you go and lie

and break my trust again


all these broken promises,

break my heart in two

I mean I told you everything

and never lied to you


it makes me think,

what I did wrong?

why you do this to me?

and keep carrying it on



what are those anymore

why bother making them,

if you just throw them out the door?


and now I start to wonder,

where it all went wrong

what happened,

to all your promises?


you expect me,

to just forgive and forget

but how can I,

when you just do it again


you make promises,

you do not keep

and you made me believe

that you might actually care


I even tried overdosing,

to take my life away

to end all the pain

you cause me everyday


broken promises,

is what you keep giving me

and then you come crying

wanting my trust again


I'm sorry to say,

but I have no more trust for you

I'm done getting hurt,

constantly by you


I'll still be around

here and there

but I'm not going to give you,

anymore tears


so all those promises,

that you didn't keep,

will forever be there,

something that I won't, ever, forget






























































  • Christina8

    Great poem and good for you for not shedding any more tears over him! -Christina

    • berdnt_victoria

      They don't deserve my tears and I'm not gonna give it to them either. Thank you for your feedback!

      • Christina8

        You are welcome!

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      • Tony36

        Wonderfully written and expressed

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thank you VICTORIA for sharing anither poem with us from your broken but resolute heart. It made me sad because all Men are not like that ! If a make a promise to my current GF I keep it and I respect her trust in me. Men don't always realise the damage they do by treating their promises lightly ~ but thy also underestimates the POWER of a LADY to say "enough is enough" and to walk away with her head held high as you have done. Thinking of you and praying for you ~ Yoiurs BRIAN.

        • berdnt_victoria

          Thank you BRIAN! I know there not. My boyfriend is defiantly not like that. He actually keeps his promises to me and thats why I love him. And walking away, yeah thats always been hard for me. But I guess nows a time to learn. Thank you for your prayers! ~ Yours VICTORIA.

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