The way I love you

The way you smile softly at me,
The way your hair glimmers in the light and how your eyes crinkle when you laugh,
The way tell me things when you need a friend,
The way you've never considered me as more.

The way I miss the sound of your voice,
The way I miss looking at you and how I miss the ache to remember everything you say,
The way I miss the friendship we had,
The way I miss the future that could've been.

The way I wish I wasn't drowning myself in love,
The way I wish you could look at me to see what I see and the way I wish you could help me,
The way I wish I didn't have to cling to you,
The way I wish you would let me.

I'm overcome in this war of hearts,
And my love is tearing me apart,
But overall all I still have one thing,
The way I still love you.


  • Tom13

    Really enjoyed this. A great poem which many can relate too

    • thepoeticsideoflife

      This poem was the fastest I have written for that very reason, it poured out of me almost writing itself!

    • Christina8

      Welcome to MPS! A great love poem. Enjoyed reading. Great job!-Christina

      • thepoeticsideoflife

        Thank you so much, I have so many more poems to upload when I have the chance!

        • Christina8

          I know it's too bad we can only post one a day!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          WELCOME POETIC SIDE ~ THANKS FOR A GREAT FIRST POEM ! It was pulsating with rhythm as Love Poem should. It expresses mixed feelings ~ but in my experience # Love is always like that and that is why it is so exciting ~ Its unpredictability ! Please check my poems ~ Thanks BRIAN (UK)

        • willyweed

          welcome to MPS
          very nice poem isn't love grand?
          just like technology only when its working! ww

        • Balamast

          I really enjoyed this poem, its very relatable

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