Mohamed Farhani

The Devil

The devilish devil
Like a red bull
Stays there
With his blue horns.
I see him in my dreams.
I see him in nightmares.
Sometimes teacher.
Sometimes soldier.
And sometimes Aladdin
Taking us to his land of milk,
To his land of honey
On a green card.
O brothers! Don't be deceived.
His milk is false.
His honey is artificial.
O brother! You don't know
How sweet is his honey!
O brothers! You are hooked.
They are hooked.
Hooked, trapped, fished.
And then tamed.
And now sent through lines of civilization
To tame the barbarians in my land.
But never mind.
I'm the man who can't be tamed.
I'm the man who can't be tamed.




    WELCOME MOHAMMED ~ THANKS FOR YOUR FIRSTPOEM ~ Very poewerful ! The DEVIL is a Roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and should be avoided at all costs. The only force against him are the HOLY SCRIPTURES ~ AMEN ~ Please check my Poems ~ BRIAN

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