Daddy worked from dusk to dawn 

as a miner close to home,

his hands were dirty and painfully sore 

when he walked tiredly through the door.


His hours were long and steady,

promising a weekly paycheck for our family,

he'd carry his lunch within a tin pail,

something Mama would put together without fail.


On Sundays we'd all go to the community church,

looking our  best in starched shirts and crisp cotton dresses 

with our shiny and bright faces we'd go inside 

as Daddy carried the family Bible with pride.


Whenever a neighbor needed an extra hand,

Daddy would pitch in and never complain,

he believed helping one another was a Godly deed,

part of his dedicated and hard-working creed.


Daddy was not afraid of years of grime,

it showed on his hands of toil,

whether splitting wood or repairing the house,

he proved to be a loving father and spouse.

  • Author: Summersounds68 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 5th, 2017 13:17
  • Comment from author about the poem: A tribute to coal miner fathers.
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  • Christina8

    This is an absolutely beautiful poem. A tribute you should be very proud of!--Christina

  • Summersounds68

    Chrissy, you are a goldmine for our family of poets. Your comments are ecouraging and uplifting. Thank you! Sonia

    • Christina8

      Thanks for that kind comment! But we are all here to support each other.

    • Tony36

      Wonderful tribute to your father

      • Summersounds68

        Tony, thank you for your positive comment. I wrote this poem as a tribute to the coal miner fathers who sacrificed hours of hard work for their families.

        • Tony36


        • Augustus

          I love this, from the second of reading the title, to the last line.

          • Summersounds68

            Augustus, thanks for your positive post on my poem. This was written in honor of the fathers of coal mining families.

            • Augustus

              Summer, I don't believe that it takes any thing away from your dad and coal mining to say that this poem is also a tribute to a work ethic that was more prevalent in years past. Putting aside that these men were taken advantage of and used, they did whatever it took to care for their families, something I am sure your dad realized.

            • willyweed

              This is a wonderful tribute! one any father would love. and technically its well done with good rhyme! write on ww

              • Summersounds68

                Willyweed, thank you for your kind comment. I was inspired to write this poem after seeing many photos of tired men who worked in the coal mines. Their faces were covered with black dust which caused lung disease and death for some of them. This particular poem is a tribute to all the fathers of the coal mining families. ~ Sonia

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks HONEY ~ Lovely tribute to your lovely DAD ! It reminds me of Loretts Lynn's song ~ "I was a Coal Miners Daughter" ~ Your FRIEND ~ BRIAN Thanks for your comment on my latest poem about the CREATOR ~ I think it got deleted ~ Could you please repost ? Thanks your freind Brian

              • Summersounds68

                Hi Brian. Did you mean to send the message which I received to someone else called, Honey? Wires crossed? ~ Sonia

              • Summersounds68

                Kat, your enthusiastic comment is appreciated. ~ Sonia

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