Michael Edwards





Opaque, transparent, in the dawn

the complex torrents all reborn.

Whilst dulcet seeds are germinating

latent dreams are terminating.

Resolutions by the dozen

thaw the sausages, they’re still frozen


Derivatives long since established,

clues abandoned, never ravished.

All distilled in focused meanings

trumpeting its lifelong leanings.

Natures instincts won’t succumb

to a sausage as blunt as a badgers bum.


Emerging practice replicated,

clouds skylining, soon corrupted.

Life’s performing synergies,

finessed in joyful eulogies.

The Turner clan: contentious, steadfast;

a sausage short of an English breakfast.


  • WriteBeLight

    That is so funny! And, I love the badger line. "We don't need no stinking Turner badgers!" (My paraphrase from UHF an old funny move with Weird Al (1989).)

  • Tony36

    Great write

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks all - a bit of fun but not sure what a Turners Badger is.

  • willyweed

    wicked rhyme Michael
    and that picture you paint a masterwork. Bravo!!!!

  • Augustus

    I noted Gordon's Gin was a sponsor. Perhaps one needs to drink heavily before reviewing the winner. Goes well with sausage as well. Nicely done.

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Augustus - yes I love a gin - in fact gin and tonic which is very popular here in the UK - is it popular in the States? In fact I think I'll have another one. Ah - ton and ginic - can't beat it but it must be made properly with ice and lemon.

  • Christina8

    An excellent poem with a beautiful piece of artwork to accompany. Great job!

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