Why me?


I aint pretty, I aint thin,.

well thats what i get told.

I start to spin, i stare into space,

knowing everyone thinks im a disgrace.

I look around and realise im easily found,

I cannot hid or runaway, knowing that i dont even get a say.

I cry inside,wanting someone by my side, then people telling me to 'die'.

I get high so i can make the world a better place.

need space-dont want to show my ugly face,

-IM A DISGRACE- born on the wrong time and born in the wrong place.

Words do hurt,one word you blurt. i am alert!

Pushing me around, youre a fool and a clown.

I beg for you to stop, my hands start to flop.

Thinking why me? Why cant you see what it is doing to me?

2 years later it still carries on, dont go to school,people think im gone.

I go online, i see pictures and posts about me.

I drop to the floor and start to bleed, the nail was stuck deep into me.

I get rushed into hospital, My head starts to skittle.

I cry to my mommy i say ' why me? I dont want to be me'

My mum didnt know anything, i never told her.

She starts to whisper- she tells me to be strong and never leave her, told me how much she loves me but,

I wish she could understand and see.

2 days after went back to school, The bullies carried on showing off trying to be cool.

I walked away and said ' words dont hurt ' but deep down they really do.

They followed me, then i just lose it and actually stand up for myself from taking it for this long its made

me who i am and made me stronger.


  • Author: Nicole Sarah Robinson (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 6th, 2017 04:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: reflection- looking back for what happened and a short story.
  • Category: Reflection
  • Views: 106
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    Good Morning Nicole ~ Thanks for sharing another poem with a bunch of mixed up emotions ! Love the last NOW I DON'T FEEL THE PAIN ANY LONGER ~ AMEN ~ Hugs ~ BRIAN

    • nicolerobinson

      good morning, and i like sharing my poems to everyone to read and same here thats the best bit of the poem

    • WriteBeLight

      They woke the sleeping Lioness! Great message of survival...:)

    • Tony36

      Wonderfully written and expressed

    • Augustus

      Great story with strong ending.

    • willyweed

      nice flow and rhyme and a happy ending nice work!

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