For all the dead people

It is time to sleep, fall into the land of dreams. Follow me fore I am your god. I'll make you feel for at least a while. Paid to die, the more we cry. We dream to die, hush my love don't fret drift away into the land of the dead. The more we dread, he broke the bread. For my blood is the wine. Drink of me and you will see how beautiful you are to me, I spread my wings and embrace you giving you a kiss. So cold yet so much love. Can't you see we are ment to be? Look into the eyes of death and see how long you can last. Moonlight drips down your face covering you in my thoughts. Stand upon the alter, no longer pure. You smile and whisper your sweet tunes. To the silent moon. "You're a fucking goon" drift into the land of death. Take a breath let your mind ease, no need to feel no need to heal. Now my dear rest upon the alter and let my lullabies carry you into a new tomorrow. Stand beneath the sun. Aren't you the weird one? burning and hiding from the light. Others filled with might, but you tainted with fright. You fucking miss the night. Soon a hole is dug by sorrow and grief. Oh how you weep. "You fucking creep" now you just want to sleep. You cry out to me "my love where have you gone!" The journey has just begun this isn't so much fun, forgetting the sun...for he is killing me. I'm darkness I am death. Just take a breath. Isn't that better? You stare into the soul of death betraying his orders. This Is more than you expected. You bleed upon the alter the moonlight shinning down onto thee. You let out a small plea serpents at your feet. Is this defeat? Look into the heart of Grimm it is getting rather dim, Blackness covering me I drift off into the land of dreams or so it seems. I am with death I took that breath. We both stand upon the alter staring into the abyss awaiting for a new poor sod. That obeys god.


  • Lau9hin9jack



    WELCOME LJ ~ Thanks for your first poem and your picture ~ both interesting ! The theme of your poem is "the experience of death" which you have covered in an interesting way ~ The concept of drifting into death and being carried into a new tomorrow.. Death is inevitable and it has never scared me ~ your poem helps me to visualise it ~ thank you. There is plenty of rhyme and rhythm in your poem and I found it easy to recite. More poems please ! Yours BRIAN ~ UK

    • Lau9hin9jack

      Why danke...tbh I'm not good at poems

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