Lost In The Depths

Some thoughts run deep like a well
But for shallow minds 
They drown in the depths


  • willyweed

    Quaint bit of wisdom! nice nap!

    • notapoet

      Thank you kindly.

    • Christina8

      Short and sweet but packed full of wisdom!! Loved it! Christina

      • notapoet

        Thanks again chrissy....

      • Tony36

        Short, sweet, and true wonderful write

        • notapoet

          Glad you liked it Tony, thank you.

          • Tony36


          • rrodriguez

            In a Station of the Metro
            By Ezra Pound

            The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough.

            Your poem has distinction; this is the quality of your poem. Remarkable!

            • notapoet

              Thank you so much for the kind words and to be compared to such a great is an honor "of which I'm sure I fall terribly shot of" but an honor non the less.Thanks again rrodriguez for your comment.

              • rrodriguez

                Writing a short poem is not easy. It's to create images so vividly that your reader respond to them deeply. It's to wrestle for the right image without being bland and without being cliché.

              • Dford1


                • notapoet

                  Much appreciated!

                • Willy Beeman

                  I Like It!!

                  • notapoet

                    Thank you sir, glad you liked it.

                  • Augustus

                    I' , mm , try, try,ing to. Res, gulp, respond,, glug, but I'm -- gulp.

                    All kidding aside , nicely done.

                    • notapoet

                      lol, good one.... thanks Augustus for the continued support.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Me - I like it too

                      • notapoet

                        Thank you for the read and taking time to comment, means a lot.

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