Chocolate is my favorite treat.

It is my favorite snack

If there's anything in my diet

it's chocolate that I lack.


It's not that I go overboard

or that I cannot quit!

I'm of an almost healthy weight

I just simply lose my wits!


Chocolate is so creamy. Delectable.

You must keep it from my sight.

I can't stop at one or two squares

It takes everything--all my might.


One square of dark chocolate a day

is healthy, but I favor two,

I just wanna be sure I'm reaping

all the benefits--it's true!


  • WriteBeLight

    That is a chocolate success! Very, very good and I can relate!

    • Christina8

      It's a silly poem, because all my poems are so deep and personal. Thanks for your kind words!

      • WriteBeLight

        Not silly at all! Great subject matter. Thanks for the extra tip on the health benefits!

      • Dford1

        Whimsical - I like it!

        • Christina8

          Thanks, it was meant to be because all my poetry is so deep and personal. Thank you!

        • My_Brain

          Haha chocolate is like my favorite thing ever! Love this poem!

          • Christina8

            I really appreciate that comment. I have so many dark poems I had to get an light and airy one out! THanks again!

          • Tony36

            Lol love it wonderful write

            • Christina8

              Hey thanks Tony!!

              • Tony36


              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Ahhhhhhh CHRIS ~ CHOCOLATE now you are rhyming on a very important subject. I love the flavour and effects of Chocolate ! Cakes ~ Puddings ~ Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bars ~ White ~ Milk but especially Dark. It does contain antioxidants and helps the heart. However ladies in their prime (35 ~ 55) should be aware it contains two APHRODISIACS ~ Phenylethylamine and Tryptophan and a STIMULANT ~ Theobromine. I never let my Partners eat chocolate in BED ! One of my Catering Students did her thesis on Chocolate and we had to provide her with a Chaperone ! Pleased you enjoy choc ~ awesome poem ~ but only one bar per day ~ OK. Hershey's Candy kisses from BRIAN

                • Christina8

                  Not the whole bar!! lol Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it! I was aware of all but the stimulants. Goodness! Very informative you are as usual. Thanks so much for your awesome review. Chocolate hugs from me! Christina

                • Daniel

                  From one Chocaholic to another, that was a real sweet poem. Bravo!!

                  • Christina8

                    Oh thank you Daniel! I appreciate that. Had to do something light!

                  • Vic E

                    I wrote a poem about chocolate over a year ago. Hhhmmm! I'll search my laptop and post it here LOL.

                    Nice poem Christina

                    • Christina8

                      Thanks so much Vic! I had to get off my serious tone for a bit. I appreciate your feedback!!

                    • Augustus

                      Antioxidant success. P.S. My wife's birthday today and got her a white chocholate strawberry cake.

                      • Christina8

                        Thanks Augustus! You are a sweetheart! I'm sure your wife is going to love it!!!

                        • rrodriguez

                          Augustus, wow... great! I'm really happy to see that you're back in the neighborhood. What's going on buddy?

                        • 2 more comments

                        • notapoet

                          Great write, I love chocolate! maybe too much 🙂

                          • Christina8

                            You can't love it too much! lol But I certainly do appreciate the review!

                          • willyweed

                            I am with you on this one
                            very yummy poem. ww

                            • Christina8

                              Thanks ww! I appreciate it!

                            • Neville

                              I am not a great fan of chocolate and rarely touch it .. I think I was spoilt as a child.. my grandparents had a general store and sweet shop ... I did enjoy your sweet little rhyme here tho.... Neville

                              • Christina8

                                Well thank you dear Neville for your reply! I adore chocolate as you can see!

                                • Neville

                                  I can indeed...

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