Future Memories

There is a box inside my head…

A box I didn’t know existed


All along it’s been there seeping…

Calling to me to know it’s there


A Pandora’s box – with all my sorrows

Pent up over all these years


Recently, it burst open

And flooded all my senses


The sight and sound,

the smell and taste

And definitely the touch

Of all that pain

I’ve held onto,

Since my time here began


It took me by surprise

And dropped me to my knees


One after another the scenes played out

And haunt me still today


And for every memory

that slapped me in the face…

Three more are hidden,

To just wait

To wound me

ever deeper…


  • WriteBeLight

    Excellent and very poignant!

  • KJ

    This is very good!

  • Dford1

    I agree, it is very poignant. Stay well!

  • Daniel

    Some memories should never see the light of day! Brilliant write!

  • willyweed

    You are all write. nice! ww

  • Christina8

    Some memories are meant to stay hidden. Hope they do. Great poem!

  • mrandrewtheguy

    In the original mythology pandora actually has a jar, not a box. But besides that, it's good.

  • Michael Edwards

    Now this is just great - the whole rhythm and the way it all flows - super piece of writing.

  • notapoet

    Great work here Phoenix, enjoyed it very much!

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