Winters Sunset


The waning days of winter’s sunset

are coming into view


 The winter sun is setting

the sun will set its true


Oh simpler days of springtime

where have you all gone


Summer days have ended

time is marching on


Leafs are gently falling

in the crisp cool autumn air


Judgement day is coming

I will winter there


Somewhere in the winter Suns

beautiful sunset


The unknown distance to the grave

I walk without regret


  • Christina8

    Beautiful poem, ww! I enjoyed reading it!--Christina

  • willyweed

    Thank You Christina I appreciate that.

  • willyweed

    How do you type underwater like that? thanks te. ww

  • WriteBeLight

    Make sure they leave blank, the effective date on your sunset clause! You can't put a time limit on your writing skills!

    • willyweed

      healthy as a hunger horse you'll have to put up with me a few more days. Thank you WBL I deprecate it. ww

      • WriteBeLight


      • kevin browne

        perfect seasonal poem. spot on.

        • willyweed

          appreciate that Kevin thank you sit! ww

        • Daniel

          Another great piece WW, looking forward to your next piece!

          • willyweed

            Thank You Daniel you are to kind! ww

          • Phoenix8523

            I very much enjoyed reading this! -- phoenix

            • willyweed

              YOU;You're to kind young lady...ww

            • Michael Edwards

              You've done it again WW

              • willyweed

                Thank You Michael your a fine gentlemen '
                willy appreciate that. stay to the write. ww

              • willyweed

                Thank you Phoenix! what a gal.ww

              • notapoet

                Have to agree with the others, another great write , enjoyed it very very much!

                • willyweed

                  thank you NAP. thank you. ww

                • P.H.Rose

                  Bloody beautiful
                  Well done sir...

                  • willyweed

                    Pleased you are pleased me bloody mate.
                    willy cook beans on fir' invites you . ww

                  • neharocks

                    I felt so close to nature while reading it. Its very beautiful

                    • willyweed

                      Willy Thanks Neha foe the willyweedread
                      come back soon willy keep fir' warm & a cozy. ww

                      • neharocks

                        Oh thank you. Meanwhile you can also read my poem. You definitely feel energetic.

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