My Favorite Grandpa Tale

My Favorite Grandpa Tale

A Precursor to Grandma's Witty Retort


As Grandpa told it, when                       

he and Grandma first did meet,          

she was wearing a box                   

on each of her feet.                      


In wide-eyed amazement                 

she posed a query,                      

“What’s thems on yer feets?”,             

she asked quite merry.                   


“Why these are shoes,”

he answered matter-of-fact.

Something she herself

had always lacked.


Grandpa purposely spoke

loud and clear,

Just to be certain

his tall-tale, she’d hear.


From washing dishes,

she barely paused,

donning pursed lips and

tightly clenched jaw.


With an eyeful of daggers

poised in Grandpa’s direction,

Grandma was choosing her

words with great selection.


Voice elevated

and noticeably stern,

no bones about it,

her lesson, he’d learn.


“Oh, I did not!” she

finally proclaimed.

Silly Grandpa, he

must be insane.


With a satisfied look

and a devious grin, getting

her riled was all he

wanted in the end.


  • Michael Edwards

    Think he's a bit like me - my family think I'm a tad eccentric - love the ditty Phoenix

  • Tony36

    Love it great write

  • WriteBeLight


  • willyweed

    Old grandpa is my kind of guy!
    good & funny. ww

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