true love has been found


 Love is young it grows as if the flower

 As the flower love can wilt on the vine

Love’s tender patience and sweet devotion

Will let Love devour your heart and soul

And then you’ll know in your heart true love has been found

Love is strong like the ships sailing on the ocean

As the ship has motion and commotion love must weather the storms

Stormy seas will try to lay love low in there endeavor

Loves heartfelt emotions won’t let loves ship go down

Then you’ll know love in your heart and you will know true love has been found

 Love is long it has lasted a life time now woken eternally

Love’s sweet memories are the treasures you have won

Love’s overflowing treasure chest is Paradise bound

You’ll hear the sound of the sweet melody

The bitter sweet symphony played on the heart strings of love

When the burning flame of the Sacred Heart is alight

Oh then you’ll know from the glow you’ll  know in your heart true love has been found

Love lifts your heart and soul to Paradise on high

Then you’ll know it is so true love has been found!




  • Daniel

    A beautiful poem WW!

  • willyweed

    Thank you kind Daniel.ww

  • neharocks

    Really nice poem. Well explained love. I felt the feeling of love while reading it. Really good. Agreed love is strong.

    • willyweed

      Thank you neharocks

    • illia

      Nothing so refreshing than writing poetry, love is a wonderful subject, fantastic poem. Very much enjoyed it. Got immersed in the flow. Wonderful love ❤ love ❤ love ❤. What more could we thrive for. So simple yet so complex. Great read. Pipa 😊

      • willyweed

        Thank you my dear Nacton peace . yes simple message not my fav style I like whimsical
        tomorrow whimsical. thanks for the willyweedread. later sweet potota!

      • Michael Edwards

        I can hear the music and am blessed to be surrounded by love - so this resonates - well written as always WW

        • willyweed

          Thank you my good Sir! oh no not always but it is write to try. ww

        • P.H.Rose

          Great poem sir..
          The one true
          Gift is love...

          • willyweed

            Thank P.H. I appreciate it . Good day for you mate. ww

          • WriteBeLight

            LOVE it! 🙂

            • willyweed

              Thank you WBL ! isn't love grand! Thanks for the read. ww

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