Silent Screams

these silent screams

makes me go crazy

they want to come,

out of my head


they make me go insane

tearing at my brain

I never think,

when I hear these silent screams


they make my head spin

but you can't see that

they wanna be released,

but should I do that?


its best,

if they stay in my head

because if they come out

it wouldn't end well


silent screams,

is all I hear

you wonder why,

I have all this fear


I sometimes want,

to end my life

to make these screams,

go away


what should I do?

I want them gone

I guess I should,

just end it all


so goodbye

to everyone out there

these silent screams

killed that little girl













  • WriteBeLight

    Very poignant poem. I think the troubled mind in the poem should always try to find someone to scream to and get those feelings out. I scream to my writing skills. You did well with this. I felt the frustration and pain :)

    • berdnt_victoria

      Thank you! Yes I do hold a lot of things in. Thats one problem I seem to have..

      • WriteBeLight

        Get it out there Kiddo! :)

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      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WOW VIVTORIA ~ This is a scary poem ~ because the SCREAMS are internal and not external ! Sometimes when I try to escape he status quo ~ My Friends say ~ you can't run away because the problem is you. This i feel is the crux of this poem also. Thanks for sharing ~ Your understanding Friend ~ BRIAN

        • berdnt_victoria

          I always have silent screams inside my head. And I always wonder how I can make them go away and I still don't have the answer to that question... I don't know if I'll ever have the answer to this question... maybe one day but right now I dont.. Thank you BRIAN! I just hope one day I'll be okay but right now I'm not... ~ VICTORIA ~

        • Tony36

          Great write

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