should she, shouldn't she,

would he be there?

feet are bruised

tired and blistered


deep inside the tension is raging,

in every single sense

been here over and again

invisible blending, her only defense





been there time and again

why walk

when you can take a train



should she, shouldn't she,

would she, will he.

did she, didn't he.

will she, wont he

be there, waiting,waiting for time


no walking, no blistered feet

 why walk when he can take a train.

deep inside, anticipation's are reeling


facing that deepest fear

will she, will he, could they, should they

will they, wont they

who's to say, anyone can ride a train today.



    Thanks for sharing ILLIA. Often a train Journey (one way) is 50 miles or more ~ great distance to walk. The problem in the UK ~ if you want to get somewhere quick ~ trains are so so expensive. Buses are slow but often only one-third the price and much much quicker than walking. ! In my experience the question "Should i take the Train ?" is a perennial one ! Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN ~ PLEASE check my poems ~ Thanks B

  • illia

    I would say to take the train would be more of a metaphor for timeless love and wether it is worth all the walking in the world. But as my last line mention's anyone can take a train today. Thus love is everywhere for everyone even those who have to walk through more than a train ride to find love.

  • illia

    Got nout to do with price of train fare lol. 😉

  • Phoenix8523

    Beautiful! With my luck, we'd both take a train and they'd pass each other and never meet. -- phoenix

  • illia

    I think its safe to say we would definitely not meet in phoenix. Lol. 😃 I live in England so would take some train journey. But these time travelling engine's have gotten a lit quicker than times of old. Times of dark. I just wonder how quickly this revolution will be over.

  • Tony36

    Awesome write

  • neharocks

    I love it 😍

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