Struggling at the Crossroads

Sitting at the crossroads

I wonder how’d I get here?

With head in hand and crying

‘cause I’m filled with great despair.


Soaring at the crossroads

Demon, bon mot arranging,

“Take the road that you know well,

no sense in ever changing.”


Kneeling at the crossroads

Angel, woefully she pleas

“That path, you know, just brings tears,

do not listen to that beast.”


Sitting at the crossroads

I question my existence

Do I take the new road or

the one of least resistance?


Set’ling at the crossroads

Demon, his evil dripping,

taunts me, grinning ear to ear,

with all my mental slipping


Kneeling at the crossroads

Angel says, “Pay him no mind,

God will always love you, so

leave your past mistakes behind.”


Sitting at the crossroads

I am not sure what to do

All my ill deeds forgiven?

Surely that cannot be true.


Standing at the crossroads

Demon, devil that I know,

he lies to me, but still has

those familiar hands to hold


Kneeling at the crossroads

Angel calls to me with grace,

“Life is full of ebb and flow;

you will always find your place.”


Sitting at the crossroads

I’m focusing on her words

and cease to hear the static

I no longer feel unnerved


Stumbling at the crossroads

Demon squints his dull, black eyes

‘cause now I’ve found my way and

it will lead to his demise


Standing at the crossroads

Angel takes me by my hand

“Trust, God will navigate you

and guide you through this great land.”


Standing at the crossroads

I have fin’ly found solace,

for the “what ifs” have faded

My future’s full of promise


  • berdnt_victoria

    This is a really good poem! Great job! ~ Victoria ~

    • Phoenix8523

      Thanks so much! Today, so far, Angel is winning.

    • WriteBeLight

      Excellent one Phoenix. I love the Angel in the story. :)

      • Phoenix8523

        She is persistent. Thank you so much for your comment! -- phoenix

        • WriteBeLight

          You are sincerely welcome!

        • Fay Slimm

          A read filled with anguish of choice which crossroads image so well yet ending on positive notes the verse leaves readers with lighter hearts. A powerful and well-crafted piece of work .

          • Phoenix8523

            I do so aim to please. So glad you enjoyed it! -- phoenix

          • willyweed

            I am falling for the writer in you. ww

            • Phoenix8523

              Thank you so much! I truly write my soul and sometimes just to survive. So happy I found such a positive and reassuring forum to express myself without being judged. -- phoenix

              • willyweed

                I don't know what you're doing just keep doing it ww

              • rrodriguez

                Great job.. reminds me of Robert Frost's The Road not Taken...

                • Phoenix8523

                  Thank you... I'll check out Robert Frost. -- phoenix

                • Tony36

                  Amazingly awesome write

                  • Phoenix8523

                    Much appreciated! -- phoenix

                    • Tony36


                    • Christina8

                      Great poem! I love that the angel takes you by the hand in second to last stanza. I'm rooting for the angel!-Christina

                      • Phoenix8523

                        It's too hard to find my way on my own. Thanks so much for your comment. Much appreciated! -- phoenix

                      • Michael Edwards

                        Superbly crafted Phoenix

                        • Phoenix8523

                          Thank you very much! -- phoenix

                        • elsiewarrenswords

                          Amazing write!!

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