S.L Appleby

Moonflowers and daisies


The moon beams reflect on the deep puddles left behind by the rain in the same way that my mind reflects on the experiences I have had. Some reflections are darkened and blurred by the clouds and others are crystal clear like the water of a lagoon. I have learnt that both can be as equally as beautiful, as we can learn from both good and bad experiences and we can grow and flourish from them; in the same way that moonflowers bloom at dusk and daisies unfold their petals at sunrise.



  • Fay Slimm.

    These honest reflections highlight the need to allow life 's happenings to shape our inner responses - I love the comparison you make to the unfolding of petals SL - welcome to My Poetic Side. Look forward to reading more of your verses.

    • S.L Appleby

      Thank you fay. I have learnt so much in life from my bad experiences and even though they where bad i would not change them because it has made me who i am today.

    • Phoenix8523

      Lovely metaphor! -- phoenix

      • S.L Appleby

        Thank you Phoenix.

      • Tony36

        Wonderful write

        • S.L Appleby

          Thank you Tony

          • Tony36


          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            GOOD MORNING ~ WELCOME TO MPS ~ Thanks for your first poem which is a reflection on positive and negative experiences in life. As a student nurse you will experience extremes of both ! I like you attitude that both are valuable learning experiences. Every Blessing in your training. Yours BRIAN

          • Jooles

            Lovely to read

            • S.L Appleby

              Thank you Jooles.

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