S.L Appleby

The wonders of my beautiful world



The mind; it's beauty is like nothing else

it is creative, imaginative and magical.

The mind is truly captivating, 

it's capable of many thoughts, emotions and feelings.

The mind contains many secrets and it can be beautifully dark too.

Beware as the mind can bite

it can be dangerous;

capable of creating and unleashing unimaginable destruction and pain.


 To see; i mean really open your eyes

 see the world around you.

See the colorful beauty in peoples kind, courageous and thoughtful actions;

let them inspire you.

Open your eyes and see the amazing beauty in peoples creations.

observe and see the bad in the world and learn from it;

learn to never repeat it.


To hear; concentrate and listen deeply to the meaning of peoples words.

Listen to their magical body language too.

Analyse and decode the messages and signal they send.

Listen that hard you can feel and understand peoples emotions, thoughts, and feelings.


To speak; choose your words wisely.

Use kind, thoughtful and intelligent words;

the words that slip off your tongue will be remembered forever.

Change the world with your voice and teach with your voice.

Speak up for your self and others.

Release your thoughts, feelings and emotions scream them from the roof tops.


Touch; comfort and excite people with your touch.

Hold peoples hands like you have never held them before squeeze them tight.

Give meaningful hugs

 touch peoples faces with passion seeping from your fingers.

Touch peoples hearts and feel them beating. Touch peoples minds and light them up brightly.


Laughter; laugh with people so hard it hurts and almost makes you pee.

Laughter is good for the soul it helps us to heal and it lifts our spirits.

Pull funny faces do silly dances

tell terrible jokes.

Most of all find your partner in funny crime and laugh the days away.


Love with all your heart and all your mind.

Love with passion, kindness, compassion and empathy.

Love the little irritating things that people drive you crazy with.

Love peoples flaws there is no such thing as perfect.

Love yourself and let yourself be loved.

Most of all love life its far to short not too.



    THANKS FRIEND ~ For sharing your "Life View" with us ! Your poem is a structural (beautifully written) and linguistic gem. This is because it takes us through the senses one by one and describes how they enable us to see ourselves ~ others and the World about us, Senses of ~ imagination ~ sight ~ hearing ~ speech ~ touch and the greatest sense of all is LOVE ! "Love yourself and let yourself be loved ~ Most of all love life ~ it's far too short not to". Thais is a perfect poem for SUNDAY ~ Thanks for caring ~ Yours BRIAN.

    • S.L Appleby

      Thank you for your lovely response Brian. The trouble is many people don't realize how beautiful the world is.

    • Tony36

      Awesomely written

      • S.L Appleby

        Thank you for reading.

        • Tony36


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