Eight Lines Tonight / Eight Plus One

Eight Lines Tonight


I am not sure that I could write

A poem with lines of eight tonight.

Too tired to try a line or two,

My brain lies lame without a clue.

Though lost for words I'll end the day

And rest perchance will show the way.

Deep within my nightly slumber,

Sleep unveils her magic number.



Eight Plus One


One would try very hard to write

Two poems with lines of eight tonight.

Three lines at least I could compose,

Four a quartet with words I chose.

Might stop at five, to rest and gleam,

Then on to six, no time to dream.

Seven's uneven, plain to see.

To end with eight there is no rhyme.

I'll end this silly poem with nine.



Augustus / Redlands, CA / August 1987

  • Author: Augustus (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 19th, 2017 10:56
  • Comment from author about the poem: Something I wrote years ago that just needed a little tweaking.
  • Category: Humor
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  • Francesco

    Masterfully done! Absolutely loved it!

    • Augustus

      Thanks Francesco for the complement.

    • Shakerite

      Grand effort .
      Thumbs up
      Now try a sonnet lol

      • Augustus

        Now you really want me to suffer. Actually I do have one out there in MPS somewhere. Thanks for the giggle.

      • WriteBeLight

        Whew... you went to a lot of great work!

        • Augustus

          Great? Well thank you. But I looked at it as something to try to contribute for a day when I did not have a whole lot going. Appreciate your reading and commenting.

          • WriteBeLight


          • Christina8

            Very well done rhyming poem! Loved it! Christina

            • Augustus

              Thanks Christina

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks "A" ~ EIGHT is a magic number in CHINA so maybe you are preparing fro the day when CHINA actually does take over AMERICA not just economically ~ in the POSTTRUMP era ! Stanzas with an odd number of lines never work for me QUATRAINS are the best because they are precise and you get TWO for the price of ONE OCTANE. Thanks for sharing high octane poetry ~ Your BRIAN

              • Augustus

                Funny you mention China in that way. I am reading Bill Gertz's book IWar. China at this moment has the names, addresses, financial info and social security numbers on practically half of all in the USA. They are prepared to take out our satellites, power grids, and have enough long range missiles to take out the West Coast. They have hacked their way into the pentagon. They probably even know the launch codes for the antimissile defense system.

                Thanks for the high octane line.

              • P.H.Rose

                Ha it.
                Great work sir..

                • Augustus

                  Thanks a bunch.

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