She is everything

She is like a rose in a garden of sand.  

Her beauty never matched and ever growing. 

She is like a light in a ever darkening world. 

Always brightens your life without knowing.  

She is like seeing the perfect moon lit night. 

Her beauty even shines thru the darkness. 

She is like the sun rising over the horizon. 

With a smile that could even melt the artic. 

She is like a lone star twinkling in the sky.  

For all others pale in comparison to her sight.

She is like the sun burning ever so brightly.

Its beauty is always shining even thru the night. 


  • suddindb


  • Tony36

    Great write


    WELCOME PERPLEXED ~ Thank you for an excellent first poem. Great structure replete with rhyme & rhythm ! Love the subject too ~ Females are awesome. Some of you lines resonate with what I feel and have felt ~ excellent descriptive style. I am sorry your "Objet d'Amour" is unaware of you love for her. Be bold send her this poem and you could woo and win her ! Thanks for caring ~ BRIAN Please check my poems ~ Thanks B

  • perplexed

    Thank you guys, its a really complicated situation im in but i think she has an idea how much i like her but not exactly how much.

  • perplexed

    Its a user name ive used for everything since i was 18 lol

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