returning west

stepping back into the west
chills reverberate up and down my spine
chiseling open obsolescent padlocks
dangling with dust
on ancient treasure chests

pallid colors in the attic release
a blossoming familiarity
faint hints of retrospections float on faded paper
granting me access to roads
where no map is needed

as i peruse the streets
my heart flows coalescing with the vicinity
caressing each detail i transform to fluid
and fuse with the past
through fresh strokes of watercolored memories

recollections flash before my eyes
revealing antiquated stories
though thought forgotten
an etched history endeavors to define me
renewing itself as i turn each corner

i shudder at some remembrances while encompassing others
through synchronicity realization hits
that i am all of it
yet none of it
at the same time

familiar faces paint meaning onto me
no longer do they know me
yet they airbrush vestiges of yesteryear
and coat me with connotations
i allow them to think i am whatever they imagine

i morph into their canvas temporarily
then break free in multi-dimensionality
they don't hear me with a new listening
no longer invested in their projections
once sharp triggers now appear in soft focus

an auspicious mist lies around the edges
of my former life
it is as if i never left
yet traces of the east lie sandpapered in me
a maturation commingles with my former self

flushing out on my skin
tethering newfound emotions
a gentle gratitude for home territory
nestles softly

i listen to the clicks
of my scuffed cowboy boots
on acquainted yet somehow distant sidewalks
the echoes layering multiple impressions
glimmering with the utter beauty of this terrain

as I wander through the majestic rocky mountains
drinking in the quaking aspen's crimson edges
interfacing the evergreens
hushed whispers of autumn loftily rest
juxtaposed neatly against futures waiting to unfurl in the wind

an amalgamation of intimate sights and scents
dance in open wounds
homesickness cured
a wholeness returned

as winter's crystal dawn blooms
i realize the depth of my growth
for in leaving here and returning
i cherish the west
my home



  • Fay Slimm.

    The depth your poem reaches through fabulous imagery touches the essence of going west Jane - your home being there gives scope for such interesting features that readers like me will never see. First class writing my friend.

    • janetaylor

      oh fay ~ thank you! that means so much to me, especially coming from a writer like you! i also read pintu's poem in tribute to you for your birthday this morning ~ it was wonderful and happy birthday!

      • Pintu Mahakul

        Depth of this poem amazes mind. You are very true in your feedback madam.

      • WriteBeLight

        I agree with Fay. So many wonderful images!

        • janetaylor

          thank you so much ~ i truly appreciate your kind and gracious comment. by the way, those are my exact reading glasses (the red ones in your pic) :0)

          • WriteBeLight

            That is great I love them. Thanks!

          • Tony36

            Wonderfully written and expressed

            • janetaylor

              thank you so much tony! :0)

              • Tony36


              • ron parrish aka wordman

                your whole being seems to liquify with all the colors of nature as you gently blend into your write,lovely

                • janetaylor

                  ohhhh your comment is like poetry itself! thank you ron :0)

                • Pintu Mahakul

                  Chills reverberate up and down. Imagery is so strong with companion of nice picture in this poem. I find deepness through expression of majestic rocky mountains. An amazing and excellent poem is shared here.

                  • janetaylor

                    thank you dear pintu! i appreciate your kind comments :0)

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