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The wall of janetaylor2

  • P.H.Rose

    Hi Jane,
    If you have time
    Could you put
    Some of your
    beautiful words
    On my fusion poem
    4 words, 4 lines.
    Love, hate,light, dark.
    Use one of the words
    In each line..
    I would love to
    See what you come
    Up with. If you have
    No time it ok... Norm..

      • janetaylor

        I tried posting it to your fusion, but there was nowhere to post it other than in a comment section. I read your infusion though, nice job!

        • P.H.Rose

          Thank you Jane, I'll try to look
          At it.. Or post it on my wall..

        • Julian Yanover

          Welcome to My poetic side!

            • janetaylor

              oh thank you so kindly julian! i just barely saw this lol......still getting used to the site. have a beautiful day and thanks again :0)

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