Snow Day For My Sole and Spirit

My Sole and Spirit,

Are nudging me.

They want a day off,

To the mountains to ski.


To hop in the car,

And drive to the North.

A few hours away,

To get to the slopes.


So, I checked the web site,

For the conditions.

Sole and Spirit hoping,

Fingers crossed, wishing.


I checked Loon Mountain,

Cranmore and Cannon.

Gunstock and Waterville,

Sunapee and Ragged.


A lot of open trails,

And lifts, it looks good.

But, what’s bumming me out,

All the snow’s machine groomed.


Now to the weather,

Looks like the mid-30s.

Sole and Spirit pleading,

“Please, can we go please?”


Today is Thursday,

No snow in the forecast.

But, night snow making,

Is probably the best bet.


I think I will chance it.

I need to get out.

These two need a break,

Time to blow steam off.


Shoot for this Sunday,

Earlier the better.

Buy a Full-Day Ticket,

Wear my warm sweater.


Don’t forget my “Cat Crap”,

Foggy goggles to stop.

A little extra money,

Buy something in the shop.


My skis are tuned.

Got my helmet and gear.

Sole and Spirit can’t wait,

Until my butt’s in the lift chair.


  • Fay Slimm.

    Ha - - a stunning fun-write - - made my morning.

  • Tony36

    Wonderful write

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks so much Tony!

      • Tony36


      • Christina8

        Great poem! And I loved the title..I really hope you have an amazing time! I tried to ski once. Way too unbalanced. lol

        • WriteBeLight

          I am far from being a professional. I do the easy stuff as I have had major knee surgery. But, there is nothing like it, for me. So enjoyable. Thanks so much. I think if you got short skiis like I did after my surgery you would find you wings. I have since graduated to longer skis, but I really enjoyed the shorter ones, as well. Did not need poles, and so easy to get off the lift and bomb around. Thanks Christina!

          • Christina8

            Thanks for the advice!

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          • Augustus

            I feel the same way about fishing. I have a special admiration for skiers however. So cool. Enjoy.

            • WriteBeLight

              Thanks so much Augustus! Being in the Northeast, you kind of have to at least try to ski. It is just one thing to get out of the house, with the kids, and gives them another skill. I always got second-hand equipment that was later tuned up. And, when they got more respectful of their gear, they got new stuff. They later got new snowboards. I sit in awe of skiers who can really fly with all that confidence. It is fun nonetheless. And, there is always ice fishing :)

            • Michael Edwards

              Great funloads. my son runs a Ski travel company and I will forward this to him - I'm sure he will appreciate it.

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks so much! That is wonderful. Thanks Michael.

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