Housework hell

When it comes to cleaning

I need extra motivation

The duster doesn't get me cheering

It makes me want intoxication


I hid the iron years ago

And got a tumble drier

I bin everything I could sew

I say it's lost am such a liar


The ring around the bath

Has become a right good friend

Always there if I need a laugh

Especially when am going round the bend


And round the bend I certainly go

When the oven needs cleaned out

How did I ever sink so low

That a cooker can make me shout


Dishes pile up by the sink

I detest doing the washing up

They are starting to smell I think

Even the plastic plates and cup


The plant pot in the corner

Where something was once planted

Has refused to grow at all

The defiance has made me demented


All the blooming laminate floors

That the hoover just can't manage

All the stains chips and scores

That's it I need some dramage


  • WriteBeLight

    Ha Ha I can relate. On my way to do my chores and a pile of dishes awaits! Very good job. 🙂

    • mammyo3

      sometimes it is just the amount that gets me other days it can be seeing 1 plate lol hope it does not get you bothered today 🙂

      • WriteBeLight

        No problem. We are the only ones that feel that way, I am sure, relative to my household!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS FOR SHARING MAMMY ~ Very well presented poem in neat quatrains with lots of RHYME (xaxa xbxb etc) and RHYTHM ! Love the topic ~ A Womans Work is never done ~ While Men just sit lazin' in the SUN. DRAMAGE i my book is DAMAGE due to too much DRAMA ~ I guess that's what you've already got ! Yours Brian ! Please check my poems ~ Thanks B

        • mammyo3

          dramage, mixture of dram and damage, after housework I feel like I need a dram lol

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Och Aye Mammy ~ I ken the meaning now ! A wee dram can cure all ills ~ e'en Housework Blues ! Lang may yer lum reek ~ BRIAN

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