Elizabeth Eyres

The Owl and The Evergreen

She was the tallest tree out in the wood
So tall and green, how proud she stood
In hazy days where children played
A place of safety, her memories made

The air so still she felt so calm
A place of peace could do no harm
Oh owl my love, just check and see
If there's anything that should worry me

Owl was proud and oh so fair
The tree's true diamond, precious and rare
He watched the wood throughout the night
In trouble, large eyes, with claws he'd fight

To protect his beautiful evergreen
The most wonderful tree, he'd ever seen
I'm tired owl, I'm going to rest
Goodnight my love, now do your best

Watch the flowers I love to see dance
Under the bows of my strongest branch
He looked around so happy and free
There is nothing here to worry my tree

But as the dawn began to crack
The cold dark rain ran down her back
The shiver sent such a chill
My dearest owl, I do feel ill

My branches weak, my trunk is frail
I'm cold, it's dark, there is a gale
You said you would look after me
I'm only a poor defenceless tree

You might as well just fly away
You silly owl, just go today
Because all my glory has fallen down
And all my leaves lay on the ground

I'm the biggest tree in this wood
And all my life I have been so good
So why should this happen to me
I no longer know quite how to be

The storm was fierce, it left its mark
The tree stood bare, sad in the dark
She wept so much yet she didn't know
Her tears drank up by the flowers that grow

Still under this beautiful evergreen
The most beautiful house the flowers had seen
Protected by her strength and pride
They knew they'd bloom, no need to hide

The storm relented, the sun came out
She pulled owl in close, now no need to shout
I know I'm bold, she began to say
But I'm scared of life since that day

My love, my home, my favourite friend
It's you and me unto the end
The storm has gone, let go of your fear
We start afresh, happy new year

With that they held each other close
Unto health they made a toast
The year that left was so very mean
Next year my dear, you shall be queen
You beautiful, strong, proud evergreen




    WELCOME ELIZABETH ~ Thanks for a very elegant first poem in rhyme (love rhyming couplets) and rhythm (like a tree swaying in th breeze !). I love Nature Stories that parallel real life ~ and your analogy between the Tree surviving Winter and your Friend surviving Cancer is very moving. You and the Poem are lovely ~ Thanks for caring and sharing ~ Yours BRIAN

  • Fay Slimm.

    A beautiful read full of wonderful rhyming - - I love the personalized tree and owl - - welcome Elizabeth to this friendly site and look forward to reading more of your stories.

  • Jooles

    Aww this was brilliant as well! Loving your poems

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