S.L Appleby


She’s a wild teasing flirt

who wears a skimpy silky shirt;

tucked into a tight pencil skirt.

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack that rhythmical sound that’s so profound.

It’s her heels pounding the ground while she struts around.

She sits on the office chair twiddling her fair hair.

All the men watch and stare giving her that raunchy glare.

A ball point pen she lifts to her plump pink lips this is one of her tantalizing teasing tricks.

She stands at the photocopier, her hands squeezing her hips while she laughs and bites her bottom lip.

Everyone can see her silky stockings as they start to slip.

A piece of paper floats to the floor as she closes the photocopier door.

She falls to her knees to tease and retrieve all you can here is the men as they heavily breath.

There’s only one she eager to please; the boss knows just how to control this meticulous tease




    Thanks for sharing FRIEND ~ Some of the Ladies I work with are COLLEGE FLIRTS ~ but I exercise self control ~ also I'm not the BOSS ! Yours BRIAN

  • willyweed

    That is very appleappealing ! and is it hot around here are you mad at me I so applepollogize
    I am very sorry if I caused you any pain I am sorry someone ripped my wig off and I have a full head of hair
    so you know how sad it was to be duped into buying a souped up bag Of weed , and I only smoked 5 or six , jay birds while the two clowns I got it from are still in hospital , and I tell you as sure as squirrrels like nuts that a soon as I realized I called the two of them and said well this smoke Holy Smoke is the real deal spiced up so jacked that it will Jill you so ding dang fast DO NOT SMOKE M this evil weed but my sir grin never did they call back but smoked the hole bag with out any thought I found out later just yester day but I can not visit as around here the Ph
    ysco ward is keeper of shatty rules

    • S.L Appleby

      Hehehe i love it. Fantastic write ;)

      • willyweed

        I fell over an apple cart trying to think that up but I do think that I got to the core of the matter I found 4 poems I wrote in 92 cleaning my dresser and one is about Somolia and I be like the other is of a more person to person type thing I mean I was weeping be cause now I found four and you'll
        just have to wait to see that so yeah that's what I am about, and like you have a what night or what day and if you be smoke a smoke s wwtay clear if you not sure where it com e from. sweet apple cart lady! from the none stopper diddybop boper Oh yeah and that's good enough for me and you to if it will doo ww

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