When your not quite Mr Gray


Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

He watches her mouth

She bites at her lip 

His eyes travel south

They rest on her hips 


She let's out a giggle 

He let's out a sigh 

Was it a signal? 

Anticipations high 


She crosses her legs 

He leans into the scene 

He drains his beer dregs 

Who is this Queen? 


His eyes are now greedy 

The Queens unaware 

He looks kinda seedy 

But he doesn't care 


Thoughts going wild 

Emotions are high 

A grown up man child 

Undoing his tie 


He's sure that she sees him 

His heart beats with lust 

Sex on a whim 

Oh it's a must 


She's smiling and waving 

He smiles and waves back 

Her body he's craving 

He'll get her in the sack 


Shes standing and speaking 

But no. . . . . not to him 

She kisses and cuddles 

Her boyfriend named Jim 

  • Author: Jooles (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 2nd, 2017 02:39
  • Comment from author about the poem: Just a bit of fun heading towards valentines day!
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 45
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  • willyweed

    fun you say? Seems more a wonderful Lovefest to me! Nice work friend! ww

    • Jooles

      Lol thanks

      • willyweed

        you are a very fun loving gal per the way I see your work but I doubt it I thought I was One time, wrong but
        yes you guessed right I was on that count wrong. so again it fair to say to you nice work you do my new very funny Gal who pretend she is a serious women Lol ha ha ! so I would say I have you're #1 plus trix are for kids in conclusion as I am just a fun loving @kid heart I love you're style as it pertains you're poetry my fun lover= meaning YOU .Kiddo so keep on about keeper on ! peace and sweet dreams for U
        WW. don't always give this high status out like candy you might treat given to a child a child
        this high and fro n=m this which is a very high honor and I do mean very high; but do not sit on your but continue producing+ larels you're good funny papers for I have betowed on nomination of covertid
        which is spell on porpose only because I find great joy + harmformoney in so screwing with people
        if I were I would diff = really concider this communication+=I do things my way often so often but of things thing of great importenss I will doing als way concider myway may not altenn oof my is very
        often in confcli with right way But I will always consider sid for he is used to being abused in closing I wood only add LoL you are very weldcome + I am stated to like the idea ( it's an idea and I can hope & pray that you have the compacipy to understand what an idea is But alas in conclusion and I already reached my delusion I gues the thing I should not say is a good enough for you answer u are not welcome! lol u are ps. please keep our private communication on a private basesess be if they find then tday wiil be very merry= jealous so my love of my life atleast for tonight lol Thanks =
        I love the way you could write but don't = you are jerking me around = pleas do it to me all night long= P,S ' I love you and remember only because you are the love of my life ( if only for tonight) + you are the only girl on this site tonight
        ==+ I love you just because you are very good looking but the fact the I would consider knocking your teepee over in a wind storm += ilove have nice evenin+= sweet dream 4 u my new hot girl friend
        add = I won'y take no for a answer un~ less you say no way PS good bye for the 5th time= istill love you sweet dreams 4 U=+ stop bothering me = ps I still love you but now you are walking on thin ice=
        u guessed it = I love you and you must put me on add a friend list only will I had better chance of havinging a good night s rest for you are annoying me NOW but that's I still love You Like I did that summer we met in that unforgettable ssnow storm you we laugthed until I realized you where giving me the cold shoulder then we cry and the only reason you don't remember the lovely time we spent
        together is because you where drunk yes once again? I still hold our drunken memories close to my
        heart always + plus I will say I love You even though you annoy the cicken's out of me so in closing for the sixth time and final O h orange you my queen of this annoying world in which I all but forced
        too live in I SAY GOOD MY LOVE I WILL loveYOU MORE EACH DAY ; that you stay the hell away from me IBITE you adoodo oidid doodoo good night my love I will shower you again tomorrow with an extra pinch of annoyens

      • P.H.Rose

        Oh jooles this is so
        Bloody good, I
        Absolutly love it.
        It's got the lot,
        Humour, flows
        Beautifully and
        Is really well
        Well done lady...
        Ps. I cannot believe
        Only 3 people commented
        Well their loss...
        I love it...

        • Jooles

          Lol thank you...it did start off meaning go be serious but it just flowed this way

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