Michael Edwards





He purchased me in a local market

and took me away in a wicker basket

and when we got home he put me in

the largest fridge I’d ever seen

the fridge was freezing cold inside

and cold is something I can’t abide

so I was not a happy egg

and before I had the chance to beg

I was taken out and put in a pot

containing water boiling hot

and I was left to sit and sweat

and it wasn’t until my albumin set

that he removed me with a spoon

and I can tell you - not too soon

then into an egg cup I was plopped

and I thought my troubles at last had stopped

so nice and cosy just like bed

till he picked up a spoon and smashed my head

and then as if things couldn’t get worse

he rubbed in salt - boy did I curse!!




  • WriteBeLight

    Very cute and playfully written. Nice painting as well.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks - I must admit I see eggs in a different light having written this.

      • WriteBeLight


      • rrodriguez

        Nicely done my friend. Clever!

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks - although its not as challenging as more serious work it still took quite a bit of writing and I can still see room for improvement.

        • Christina8

          Love this cute and clever rhyming poem! Adorable painting as well!

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks Christina - The last two lines only came to me after I had thought I had completed it

          • Tony36

            Great write and great picture. Eggs will never look the same again

          • MendedFences27

            I really liked this one Michael. Maybe I was in the mood for something a bit light and I also happen to like Penguins. I think they are the funniest (humorous) creatures on Earth.
            I also happen to like eggs, boiled slightly, with a runny yoke, crack their heads and dip your toast.
            About the painting - Penguins are Southern Hemisphere birds and Eskimos are Northern, but this only adds to the humor. Great job on both the poem and painting. Thanks for making me smile. - Phil A.

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks MF - actually the penguins were on a cruise in the north - hope they got back alright.

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