Less Important Side of Reality

The day begins so early here

& the night is elusive

Everyone takes their story to a local pub

All their habits are fancy

All the lights are amusive

All the famous idiots belong to the same club


& sometimes that's what I love to see

The less important side of reality


The day seems to last forever

But it holds no pleasant light

The town is moving counterclockwise

All the must-haves are free

All benefits so easy

& all respected fools tell the same lies


& sometimes I just can't escape

This town of fails played on a tape


The night is so sudden here, like love

A fast passing train

& it plays with my mind when the dawn is near

It's like the end of the world

Like a nightmare for children

Like my forgotten madness, my injection of fear


& I just sit, & laugh & stare

This world has gotten to nowhere


& I just don't wanna go home no more...


'cause sometimes it feels too much like a part of me...




  • NB

    you're absolutely right.. I wrote this while observing people & their habits, quite strange I must say.. thank you for reading 🙂

  • Michael Edwards

    Great piece of writing which sums up much of today's philosophy - much enjoyed.

    • NB

      thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    • omgoli


      • NB

        thank you 🙂

      • MendedFences27

        People-watching can be an alluring pastime. Now, this may sound stupid (just enroll me in the club) but every thing I need to know about life I learned from "The Muppets Take Manhattan." The quote simply says, "Peoples is peoples." - No two the same, every single one of them different.
        Your poem reflects this. The so called "state of affairs" in the world is just Peoples being Peoples. It's best to remember that no matter what happens in this world, the planet will still keep on turning. - Phil A.

        • NB

          It's hard to disagree with that.. Quite interesting . Thank you for this comment, I find it very useful & inspiring :))

        • Tony36

          Well written and expressed Great write

          • NB

            thank you! 🙂

            • Tony36


            • Hopey_xx

              Great poem!

              • NB

                thank you 🙂

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