Elizabethan Sea

My Favorite Jeans

My favorite Jeans


Hug close to my skin coarse and blue,

Stretch like a yawn,

Crease in a few

Places where joints bend,

The swish of movement,

A kind friend,

Reach to my ankles and hold tight,

Flatter my form

Just right,

A little dust on the knees,

A familiar scent,

Contented hours spent

In my favorite jeans.





  • Corey

    Hi Elizabethan, this made me think about how much I appreciate my comfortable worn in jeans. It was delightful to read! Thank you.

    • Elizabethan Sea

      Yeah! And once you fall in love with one pair of jeans, it can be so hard to find another pair just like it. Haha, glad you enjoyed it! Have a great day!


      WELCOME ELIZEABETH ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ which as you say is both sweet and casual just like your favorite pair of Jeans. My fave pair are BLACK CHINOS ! You know what they say "The end justifies the JEANS ! Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

      • Elizabethan Sea

        Thank you Brian! Yeah, I actually only have one pair of jeans as I haven't found any others that I really like. And they are just right. Black Chinos look cool. I like jeans that have a thin fit and skinny around the ankles, but not sooo tight that they suffocate my legs lol. A little bit loose for comfort. Oh, and must be stretchy. Haha, all the particulars. Have a great day!!

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