I'm Disabled, Not Stupid

Some people can be so ignorant
I know they're not to blame
They see me in my wheelchair
And say “Aw, isn't it a shame”?

I say “Hello, I’m fine”
And you don't know what to do
Just because I am disabled
Don't assume my brain is too

Whenever you get stressed
You can walk along the beach
With no facilities for the disabled
To me it’s out of reach

I'd like to go on holidays
But I stay at home instead
Because no matter where I go
I need a hoist to go to bed

My bowel and my bladder
Are affected by my medication
It angers me when disabled toilets
Have poor sanitation

On the bus, the driver puts down a ramp
And I can hear you whinge
When your shopping trolley is in my way
And sometimes my wheels impinge

I wait at zebra crossings
And I know my green cross code
But the timing on the lights means
I don't have time to cross the road

My legs may no longer work
But my brain power is perfect
So next time you see me in the town
Please have some respect

If you'd like to know how I am
Don't be afraid to ask
My disability isn't catching
And it isn't a difficult task

I'll tell you how I am
And I’ll ask how you are too
Overlook my disability
It isn’t hard to do


  • Tony36

    Being born with disabilities I can understand. Great write


    Thanks JENNY ~ GOD does not look on the outward appearance but on the heart ~ the inner person. We are all made in God's image so we should follow His example ~ AMEN You share ~ we care ~ Hugs BRIAN

  • mammyo3

    I have the opposite with my son as he is autistic, I either get the he does not look disabled, or they think he is like rainman, people often judge, and mostly they do not mean it, it is a lack of education from family and schooling. x

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