Raising the bar, is to set a fail

Who can abide to such a scale 

Can we not accept the imperfections as well?

For when we fall we do not enjoy hell 

Expectations, to me are like limitations,

Ways to fail in wide variations

Who do we really hurt when we set the bars..

Declaring our pain and showing off our scars..

For self gratification? Saying "I knew you'd hurt me!"

Instead of allowing that person to just freely be..

What happened to loving unconditionally?

Accepting each other and living life in harmony..

I cannot keep up with you and your limitations,

Let's just face it, I cannot live up to your expectations..





    Thanks ALITA for a very elegant and thought provoking POEM. I believe in WYSIWYG ~ What you see is what you get. We accept each other JUST as we ARE. We are in HARMONY we don't set LIMITATIONS or EXECTATIONS ! Why can't others treat us like that as well ? Yours as ever BRIAN. Please check my Poems & Fusion ~ Thanks B (UK)

    • AlitaOpal

      Amen Brian and as always much gratitude for taking the time to read 🌹



      • AlitaOpal

        Thank you for reading 🌹

      • Tony36

        Well written and expressed Great write

        • AlitaOpal

          Thank you Tony 🌹

          • Tony36


          • Poetic Dan

            The only bar we should set is the one for our self but also remembering we can just swing as well...

            Inspirational stuff.
            Keep up the write

            • AlitaOpal

              Thanks again for taking the time to read.. yes I totally agree, we set the bar for ourselves but we break them once we realize that we are limitless..

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