There have been 45 PRESIDENTS of the USA from George Washington (1789 ~ 1797) to Donald Trump (2017 ~ ?) one of whom (Grover Cleveland 22 & 24) served twice. William Harrison (9) died after ONE MONTH and Franklin Roosevelt (32) was President for 12 years (1933 ~ 45) There have been NINE Accidental Presidents ~ due to "Death in Office" or resignation Richard Nixon(37) ~ The latest are Lyndon Johnson (36) and Jerry Ford (38). To date they have all been MEN. Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote in 2016 ~ bur was defeated by Trump on the Electoral College Vote ! Most Presidents have been VP's (George Bush Snr) State Governors (Clinton) or Senators (Obama) Eisenhower & Trump never held Public Office before becoming President ! Who is your favorite President ? Mine is THOMAS JEFFERSON (1801 -~ 1809)
HE wrote the Declaration of Independence ~ 4 July 1776
OBTAINED all the Midwest States in the Louisiana Purchase (1803)
MADE the USA twice its original size at three cents per acre !
A judicious purchase from France who needed the money for a War
SLAVE OWNER (200) to work at Monticello and his other Plantations
JEFFERSON founded the University of Virginia in 1819
ELECTED as Secretary of State under George Washington
FAILED to be elected 2nd President ~ was VP to John Adams
FOUR years later he defeated ADAMS and became 3rd President
EXPEDITION of Lewis & Clarke (1803 ~ 5) to the West Coast by Horse & Boat
REELECTED in 1804 and succeeded in 1809 by James Maddison (4th)
SADLY his Wife Martha died in 1787 so there was no First Lady at his side.
ORIGINAL THINKER ~ Philosopher ~ Scientist ~ Democrat and A Real Genius !
NO OTHER PRESIDENT has been as multitalented or effective as THOMAS JEFFERSON
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This POEM is presented as a Free verse Acrostic ~ THOMAS JEFFERSON ~ OK

Abraham "Abe" Lincoln Acrostic
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president
But was called "honest Abe" due to
Everyday incidents that he made right
Land of Lincoln is currently referred to
Illinois, that's where he held his law career
Now he is known for freeing the slaves by the
Civil War, a bloody battle on american soil
Only the south wanted slaves, Union did not
Lincoln was assassinated April 15th, 1865
Never to know the good he did for our rights

JIMMY CARTER ~ A Man of so many parts
GRADUATED from Naval Academy (1946) in
SCIENCE which qualified him to work on
NUCLEAR SUBMARINES he resigned 1953(aged 29)
TO MANAGE Family Peanut Farm in Georgia
HE BECAME ~ Governor of Georgia (1971 ~ 75)
HE WAS elected as a Democrat President (39th)
BEATING the Accidental President Jerry Ford.
ONLY PRESIDENT from the Deep South
SINCE Zachery Taylor (12th) 1849 ~ 50 (Died in Office)
HE MARRIED Roselyn Smith (1946) Elegant First Lady
FOUR CHILDREN ~ Jack ~ Chips ~ Jeff ~ Amy
DEALT with Resourse Problems ~ Water & Electricity
HE IS 92 and is a great Ambassador for the USA
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This Poem is presented as a Blank Verse Sonnet ~ BRIAN

JFK like MLK you only need the initials ~ Both
ASSASSINATED in their PRIME for racial equality ~ JFK
COMPLETELY different from his older predecessors
KENNEDY'S ~ A Clan ~ Patrick ~ Jack ~ Bobby ~ Teddy
KENNEDY'S could have occupied the White House for
EVER ~ So what went wrong ? JFK was an egalitarian ~ He
NEVER accepted the indignity suffered by Afro-Americans
NO SEGREGATION ~ Civil Rights for all Americans in
EVERYTHING ~ Education ~ Public Amenities ~ Auditoriums ~ Millions
DID not want this ~ so he was "assassinated" and MLK and BOBBY
YOU will have your own theories ~ but consider TRUMPS first week !
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BILL CLINTON ~ A President for all Seasons
I MET HIM once (2004) in Little Rock Arkansas
LOVELY MAN ~ easy to talk to ~ on his home ground
LEWINSKY (Monica) I guess she found him easy to be with !
CLINTONS are Political Animals ~ President ~ First Lady
LAWYERS ~ Senator ~ Secretary of State under Obama
I STILL WONDER why Hillary lost the Electoral College
NEVER try to predict US Poilitics ~ Bill said ~ IT'S
THE ECONOMY STUPID and TRUMP is a Businessman ! The
ONE MAIN THING BILL possessed was Charisma ~ George W had
NONE but got a second term for negative reasons like 911
SHOULD HILLARY run again in 2020 ? Watch this Space !
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I agree with the prior, no president was good
For it was not the people for which they stood
Corporate interests dominated policies
Greed for oil polluting the seas
Columbus the true creator racism
Our pledge as false as our anthem
Now I know many will come at me with hate
Just read the "People's History of The United States" (BY HOWARD ZINN)
Now Brian I mean you no harm, and would just like you to know
Your good friend Thomas Jefferson was born an elite and helped their pockets grow
As for Abraham Lincoln, he too was driven by dollar signs
Only when the people's interests with the elites combined, did he grow a spine
Jimmy Carter wasn't all that bad
If you don't count the billions to military he decided to add
I won't even say
This country was built on the corpses of the prior
Now their stuffed in corners as forgotten anger

Harsh, but that is the beauty of truth
For it kills all with its touch leaving ruth
Now as I look through US Presidency
I am glad I read "Lies My Teacher Told Me" (By James W Loewen)
From the ashes we must be reborn
To cure this land and it's people unknowingly war torn
As history is an account of the victors
We must raze the falsehoods like augers
Forget the invisible boundaries we've created
Quit feeding the ignorance, so sated
I say this not in animosity, or to cause a fight
But to you help you see a truth that's true, and a future bright!

I would say we should join England but it doesn't seem fair (for them)
I'm sure they wouldn't want us in their hair
Can you blame them? Ever heard of the Vietnam War?
In blind patriotism it caused a tore
Like the labor union, black movements, and suffrage strikes
Finally telling our corruption to take a hike
Sadly they only won a battle, not that war
I'm afraid there is much much more

"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing"
There's enough to rebel and maybe enough to sing
On paper, our economy's great!
If you ignore 40% of our people in poverty
And how other countries preach of our hate
and our incredibly holds of weaponry
Maybe one day, friend, we will live to see
An America with a president that truly represents liberty



    Thanks DAMAGED SOUL and Poet Boy ~ My fusion is complete what Joy ~ Their dialogue has shown to me ~ Problems of US Presidency ~ Forty five and each one flawed ~ I feel as though I've been Al Gored. In the UK we love our Leaders ~ Our Kings & Queens and money bleeders ~ It seems that folk in the USA ~ Won't give their BOSS the time of day ~ A bad first week for Mister Trump ~ He'll come down with a heavy bump ~ The forty-sixth (with no expense) ~ Will be the VP Michael Pence ! Thanks BRIAN

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