Michael Edwards




With latent forces rooted deep

and hurt repressed yet feigned as joy,

the penitential tears that flowed

were stemmed by resolution formed

and still in flesh

she lives upon this noble earth.





  • WriteBeLight

    Invokes much thought Michael. Excellent watercolor.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks a lot WBL - not even sure if I know what it's saying but the words t seemed to come to me and to work with an air of mystery which I liked .

    • Tony36

      Wonderful write

    • Christina8

      I love the watercolor! The poem evokes much thought (i see WBL already said that--well, I agree!) 🙂 Very well done!

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Christina - i f ever I get to the bottom of it I'll let you know.

      • MendedFences27

        To me this feels like someone in remorse trying to cope and mend their ways. "She lives,' yet I question is this a person in truth? Well it's pretty surreal, but it makes one think, and reads smooth and flowing. Nice art. - Phil A.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks phil. I had the line Still in Flesh in my mind for quite some time and managed to weave it in. In fact whenever someone says How are You I tend to reply either Bits of Me are Okay or nowadays Still in Flesh both of which seem to get some sort of reaction. Now I can see a poem here - will work on it tonight !!

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