Get Up And Dance

Music soothes the savage beast.
That's what Grandma used to say.
If true than dance surely at the least
Must be able to save any bad day.

Music can remind, and bring tears,,
Music can thrill, yet bring fears,,
Goose bumps come with some old songs,,
Others draw groupies, and the throngs,,
One in particular brings tears instantly,,
It runs through my feeble mind consistently,,
Its by David Gates, and The Group Bread,,
I'd give everything I own, Is stuck in my head,,

Maybe another world can take this on
Be the hero of this song,
I'll brush the hair,I'll hold the words
I'll take it home and on holiday,

Dancing,, Now there's a subject for ya, I'll say,,
Did that in her room, 'round her nightstand one day,,
We had a wonderful surf, and turf dinner by candlelight,,
Then played our song, Just when it felt, Oh, so right,,
And while a beautiful Buble tune that she loved played,,
I held her close, and 'round the tiny table we swayed,,
If I could have just one wish, One desire, My friend,,
I'd hope, I'd pray That night, and that dance will never end,,

It's down in Harlem ~ Darrrrrrrrlin
A place were my Grandparents went
Dancin' an' Hoppin' an Jivin' an'Poppin'
'Til all o' their dollars were spent
Duke Ellington ~ Satchmo ~ hot on the horn
That the place with the silk and the lace
An' you could dance dance dance 'til dawn !
Bootleg booze and a room full o' Flooze
My Granpappy avoided temptation
An' Granma did not let him dance loose
When Black Bottoms caught his attention
Dear Old Grandpop ~ he loved Lindy Hop
And Bo Jangles who tipped~tapped away
But Granma knew when to tell him to STOP
When his Thoughts got carried away !
Almost in a trance ~ He would DANCE DANCE DANCE !

Ay, I beg thee receiveth up, and dance with glee,,
For thy days art short, and our time dost flee..
This journey we trek is oft without notice, or nay care,
So cometh to the floor, and thou wilt findeth this sir thither aire,,
Doth thou fear this? A lodging toterpsichore whilst aloof?
Or hast this humble sir did do catch thee in thy moment of disproof?
It matters not, and this I shalt proclaim in yond heights,,
For the dance is but one of this sir's jubilant delights..


  • Discreat

    Great representation of dance

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